Unseen Consequences of IVF: Examining Mortality Rates Throughout the Process

Unseen Consequences of IVF: Examining Mortality Rates Throughout the Process

Revelations from experts highlight that embryonic testing and grading are just initial steps in the IVF process, with mortality occurring at various stages. Dr.

Meaney points out that some embryos die during the thawing process, and others fail to implant even after successful testing.

The mortality journey continues post-implantation, with a higher miscarriage rate for IVF babies.

Selective Reduction: A Controversial Practice After Successful Implantation

In cases of successful implantation, if the number of preborn children exceeds the desired limit, a process called “selective reduction” is employed.

This involves aborting the least healthy embryos in the womb. Dr. Meaney underscores that at every stage in the IVF process, there is a mortality rate.

Discarded Lives: The Fate of Unchosen Embryos

Embryos that survive testing, grading, and thawing but are not selected for implantation face an inevitable fate.

Typically, they are discarded, effectively ending a human life. Some embryos are donated for scientific research, meeting the same end.

Even if frozen, Dr. Meaney notes that these embryos are essentially abandoned, left in cold storage as “orphans.”

Political Divergence: How IVF Differs from Abortion

Despite the significant loss of human life in the IVF process, public and political responses differ from those related to abortion. The Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling led to a backlash, with both Democrats and Republicans expressing concerns.

The Republican-led legislature in Alabama passed a law shielding IVF clinics from liability, with pro-life Governor Kay Ivey swiftly signing it.

Political Complexity: Navigating the Ethics of IVF

Political complexities arise concerning IVF, with Professor Michael New highlighting its thorny nature.

While banning IVF is not a viable political option, some argue for at least ceasing its promotion.

The uphill battle is recognized, with calls to prevent the creation of spare embryos beyond what is safe to implant.

Valuing Preborn Life: Ethical Considerations in IVF

Dr. Moschella emphasizes the importance of recognizing the value of preborn life created through IVF, advocating for equal protections.

Despite the scientific advancements available for fertility treatments, the Catholic Church opposes IVF due to ethical concerns, stressing the moral implications couples should consider.

Author’s Perspective: Tyler Arnold on the Ethical Landscape

Tyler Arnold, a staff reporter for Catholic News Agency, provides insights into the ethical landscape of IVF.

He notes the Catholic Church’s opposition to IVF, emphasizing the moral implications couples should be aware of before making decisions about its use.

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