Money-Saving Revelation: Woman Saves Over £1,000 Annually with Individual Ingredient Freezing Technique

Money-Saving Revelation: Woman Saves Over £1,000 Annually with Individual Ingredient Freezing Technique

...By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

Kate Hall, a 37-year-old woman from Orpington, Kent, has discovered a money-saving technique that allows her to save more than £1,000 per year.


Her method involves freezing ingredients individually, which she believes has revolutionized her approach to cooking.

Building a Stash of Ingredients in the Freezer for Convenience and Reduction of Waste

Previously, Kate would freeze entire meals, but this meant that once reheated, the meal could only be consumed once.

However, by freezing ingredients individually, she now maintains a constant “stash” of ingredients in her freezer.

This approach allows her to use the precise amount needed for each meal, thus minimizing waste.

Additionally, Kate’s method has enabled her to limit her visits to the supermarket, as she can repeatedly use her frozen produce.

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Inspired by her success, Kate has started her own business, sharing her valuable tips with others.


How Kate’s Freezer Technique Saves Money and Time

Kate, a full-time business owner, emphasizes the financial benefits of her freezer trick.

By reducing food waste, she estimates saving over £1,000 per year.

Her freezer is well-organized with a variety of ingredients, which reduces the temptation to make unnecessary purchases while shopping.

Kate advises buying multipacks of vegetables or larger packs of chicken to have leftover portions to freeze.

A significant advantage of her method is that defrosting is often unnecessary, as vegetables can be cooked directly from frozen.

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If she has excess ingredients, Kate spends a few minutes preparing and freezing them for future use.

This approach allows her to stretch her ingredients and be more flexible when assembling meals.

Making the Most of Limited Time and Reducing Food Waste

Kate’s method not only saves money but also reduces preparation time.


As she cooks, she takes advantage of spare moments to chop and freeze additional ingredients.

She emphasizes the importance of using the freezer instead of allowing food to go to waste.

During the Covid pandemic, Kate began sharing her freezer and food waste tips to help people make the most of their food.

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The positive response she received inspired her to turn her knowledge into a business.

Kate’s focus is on providing reassurance and confidence to her audience.


Kate Hall’s innovative approach to freezing ingredients individually has allowed her to save over £1,000 per year while reducing food waste.

By building a well-stocked freezer stash and utilizing spare moments to prepare and freeze ingredients, Kate has transformed her cooking habits.

Her success led her to share her tips with others and establish her own business, offering guidance on reducing waste and maximizing the potential of the freezer.


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