Mohbad’s Sister-in-law Raises Concerns Over Singer’s Final Moments

In a surprising turn of events, Karimot, the sister-in-law of the late singer Mohbad, sheds light on fresh allegations surrounding his final moments.

According to her, the circumstances of Mohbad’s death are more complex than initially portrayed, involving an encounter with specific individuals linked to the show in Ikorodu.

Karimot asserts in a video on her Instagram handle that Mohbad had met these individuals at a bar merely 72 hours before his demise, right before the performance in Ikorodu.

She emphasizes the need for Nigerians to scrutinize videos of Mohbad during the Ikorodu show, challenging the narrative that his erratic behavior was solely influenced by hard drugs.

Notably, she questions the lack of discussion about the people Mohbad encountered shortly before his passing.

Expressing her refusal to stay silent, Karimot raises concerns about the hurried burial of Mohbad, revealing that someone donated money for the burial.

She calls on mothers to rise up and fight for justice, emphasizing that Mohbad’s death is more profound than meets the eye.

As the sister-in-law insists on seeking answers, she highlights Mohbad’s skepticism about the Ikorodu show and his reluctance, despite being paid.

The focus shifts to the bar encounter before the show, and she calls for attention to the people he was with.

The depth of Mohbad’s death is underscored, with Karimot expressing confidence that he will “fight back.”

The video leaves viewers with a sense of intrigue, prompting a closer examination of the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s demise and the need for a thorough investigation into the events leading up to his untimely death.

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