Naira Marley Opens Up About Mohbad’s Mental Breakdown and Suicide Attempt

Naira Marley Opens Up About Mohbad’s Mental Breakdown and Suicide Attempt

Naira Marley’s Startling Revelation

CEO of Marlian Musics, Naira Marley, recently made a shocking revelation about the late Mohbad, one of his former signees, shedding light on the singer’s mental health struggles.

This revelation came to light during a conversation between Naira Marley and renowned political activist Reno Omokri.

Mohbad’s Mental Health Challenges

Naira Marley disclosed that Mohbad, a 27-year-old artist, had experienced severe mental breakdowns and had even contemplated taking his own life at one point.

These revelations came after Mohbad publicly accused Naira Marley of posing a threat to his life on social media.

A Cry for Help

During one of their conversations, Mohbad reportedly confided in Naira Marley about his inner turmoil, stating that only his parents could truly understand his struggles and provide him with the necessary support.

The Request for Recorded Conversations

Reno Omokri, reacting to Naira Marley’s disclosures, urged the rapper to share the recorded conversations they had, given that Naira Marley had claimed to have them in his possession.

A Glimpse into Past Troubles

Naira Marley’s revelations shed light on a video he had previously released, featuring Mohbad’s parents pleading for understanding and support on behalf of their son.

This video was made shortly after Mohbad’s alarming threat of suicide.

The Unrevealed Autopsy Report

The article also touches upon the undisclosed autopsy report concerning Mohbad’s passing. The Nigeria Police have not yet disclosed the findings of the autopsy.

Naira Marley has expressed his willingness to return to Nigeria to cooperate with authorities but has emphasized the importance of his safety during this process.

Closing Remarks

Naira Marley’s candid revelations about Mohbad’s mental health struggles provide insight into the challenges the late artist faced.

These revelations highlight the importance of addressing mental health issues within the entertainment industry and the broader society.

The unresolved nature of the autopsy report adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation into Mohbad’s passing.

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