Mitt Romney will RETIRE: 76 year old Republican Senator says he is not running for 2nd term due to age, he slams Trump and Biden.

Mitt Romney’s Retirement Announcement

In a surprising turn of events, Mitt Romney, the 76-year-old Republican Senator representing Utah, has announced his retirement from the Senate, opting not to seek a second term. In his announcement, Romney took the opportunity to critique both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, citing age as a factor that makes them unfit for office.

Romney’s decision sent shockwaves through Congress, as he has been a prominent figure in Republican politics. His term was set to expire in 2024, and he made it clear that he will not pursue re-election. Despite being younger than both Trump, 77, and Biden, 80, Romney emphasized the importance of a new generation of leaders taking the reins.

Taking to social media, Romney expressed his rationale, stating that by the end of another term, he would be in his mid-80s, making way for a new generation of leaders who should shape the world’s future decisions. Romney’s political career spans several decades, including a presidential run in 2012 against Barack Obama and the distinction of being the only Republican Senator to vote twice to convict Trump in his impeachment trials.

In his video announcement, Romney highlighted his enjoyment of working in the Senate, mentioning his involvement in key bipartisan initiatives such as infrastructure deals, COVID relief funding, and voting legislation. However, he reiterated that it was time for a new generation to address critical issues like the national debt, climate change, and global challenges posed by authoritarian regimes.

Romney critiqued both Biden and Trump, asserting that neither was effectively addressing these pressing concerns. He noted their lack of focus on entitlements, federal spending, climate change, and international relations, calling for more proactive approaches. Despite not seeking re-election, Romney declared his continued commitment to the fight for these crucial matters.

Utah’s GOP House Speaker, Brad Wilson, has already expressed interest in running for the vacant Senate seat. Romney’s political journey includes his election to the Senate in 2018 after his presidential defeat and a prior tenure as Utah’s governor from 2007 to 2009.

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