Breaking Traditions: Miss Universe Welcomes Married Women and Mothers in a Dazzling Display

The Inaugural Miss Universe Embraces Diversity

The historic Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador has commenced, marking a groundbreaking shift by allowing married women and mothers to participate for the first time.

The event kicked off with a mesmerizing costume show that showcased a remarkable array of outfits, each telling a unique story.

A Dazzling Display of Costumes

Pageant queens took the stage bedecked in extravagant, bejeweled ensembles that ranged from an Oxford English Dictionary to tulips, airplanes, and even animals like butterflies, goats, and birds.

The visual spectacle included entries creatively portraying elements like a cobbled street, adding a touch of whimsy to the competition.

Rule Change: Embracing Motherhood and Marriage

The significant rule change allowing married women and mothers to compete represents a departure from the pageant’s traditional criteria.

For the past 70 years, eligibility was restricted to women who had never been married or had children. The internal memo obtained by The National emphasized the importance of empowering women to make personal decisions without hindering their success.

Inclusive Platform and Breaking Stereotypes

Josh Yugen, the national director of Miss Universe, expressed enthusiasm for the inclusive move, stating that it aligns with the ongoing efforts to break stereotypes and challenge societal stigmas. The shift toward a more inclusive and welcoming platform reflects a commitment to evolving with changing societal norms.

Celebratory Costumes and Messages

In celebration of the new ruling, Miss Canada Madison Kvaltin made a bold statement with a gigantic maple leaf costume bearing the words ‘Inclusivity makes dreams come true.’ The costumes became a canvas for self-expression, embracing the theme of breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity.

Voices of Support and Overdue Changes

Former Miss Universe Andrea Meza, who represented Mexico and was crowned in 2020, lauded the overdue change, expressing her love for the evolving landscape of pageantry. Meza emphasized the societal shift where women now hold leadership positions, challenging the traditional norms that confined pageants to certain criteria.

Variety and Creativity on Display

The costume show featured an eclectic mix of outfits, including a train, dragons, a money chandelier, and even an unexpected choice by Miss Great Britain, Jessica Page, who embodied an Oxford Dictionary. Each participant brought their creativity and individuality to the forefront, making the event a celebration of diversity.

Financial Challenges: Bankruptcy Announcement

The Miss Universe pageant faced a setback just days before its commencement, with the company behind the event filing for bankruptcy. Despite the financial challenges, the event was set to proceed as planned. The bankruptcy follows a missed $12 million loan repayment and comes after the event’s acquisition by Anne Jakrajutatip.

A Historic Shift: From Trump to Inclusive Beauty

The Miss Universe pageant’s journey from being part of Donald Trump’s business empire between 1996 and 2015 to its current state under new ownership highlights the evolving landscape of beauty pageants. The bankruptcy announcement adds a layer of complexity to the event’s history, showcasing its resilience and determination to move forward.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in Beauty Pageants

As the 72nd Miss Universe pageant unfolds, it symbolizes a new chapter in beauty pageants, breaking away from traditional norms and embracing inclusivity.

The dazzling costumes and the presence of married women and mothers on the stage mark a significant step forward, reflecting the evolving definition of beauty and empowerment.

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