Militant Just Stop Oil Activists Plot Nationwide Blitz on MPs’ Homes

Militant Just Stop Oil Activists Plot Nationwide Blitz on MPs’ Homes

Hardcore eco-zealots associated with Just Stop Oil are revealed to be planning a nationwide campaign involving the occupation of MPs’ homes, disruption of political offices, and interference with speeches and party conferences.

The chilling nature of these plans signals a departure from previous operations, indicating a more aggressive and confrontational approach by the activists.

Growing Safety Concerns for MPs

The report underscores the growing safety concerns for MPs, citing instances of violent threats and attacks on social media.

The departure of Tory politician Mike Freer due to death threats and a suspected arson attack on his office, as well as the recent aggressive targeting of Tobias Ellwood’s home, further intensify worries about the safety of elected representatives.

Just Stop Oil’s ‘Poster Girl’ and Background

Phoebe Plummer, considered the ‘poster girl’ of Just Stop Oil, emerges as a key orchestrator of the planned actions.

The report provides insights into Plummer’s privileged background, education, and her role within the activist group.

Plummer’s involvement raises questions about the motivations and demographics of those leading the campaign.

Shift in Tactics and Targeting MPs

An undercover investigation reveals that Just Stop Oil activists plan to shift their tactics from previous road marches to direct actions targeting Labour MPs.

The activists express their demand for the incoming Labour government to revoke oil and gas licenses granted by the Tories.

The report explores the potential consequences of these planned actions on the political landscape.

Increased Intimidation and ‘Wide Awake Actions’

The activists plan to increase intimidation by bothering politicians, interrupting speeches, and being more assertive.

This ‘total departure’ from previous actions, termed ‘wide awake actions,’ involves disrupting political events and conferences across the UK.

The report details the strategies discussed in Zoom meetings, including reconnaissance before targeting MPs.

Concerns Raised by Politicians

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman and MP Tobias Ellwood express serious concerns about the threat posed by Just Stop Oil.

Braverman commends The Mail on Sunday’s investigation, emphasizing the need for police action to prevent disruption.

Ellwood warns that such intimidation may deter individuals from entering politics, posing a threat to the democratic process.

Response from Just Stop Oil

A spokesman for Just Stop Oil responds, accusing The Mail on Sunday of overreacting and defending the activists’ right to reclaim power.

The spokesman emphasizes non-violence as the foundation of Just Stop Oil actions, framing the protests as a form of democracy in action.

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