Michael Mcgivney’s obituary: A Loved Aurora, Illinois, Citizen

Michael Mcgivney’s obituary: A Loved Aurora, Illinois, Citizen

Many people were curious about Michael McGivney’s premature death and sought explanations after learning the facts of his obituary.

On Monday, August 28, 2023, Michael Patrick “Hoss” McGivney, age 21, a lifelong inhabitant of Aurora, Illinois, went tragically suddenly.
His sudden passing has shocked and saddened family, friends, and the community.
Michael was adored by everyone who knew him and was recognized for his cheerful disposition and kind nature.
His contagious laugh, passion for athletics, and commitment to helping others will be remembered.
Michael had an impact on everyone around him despite his youth, leaving behind precious memories that will always be cherished.

A summary of Michael McGivney’s life
In order to assist immigrant families in New Haven, Connecticut, Michael Joseph McGivney started the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization.
He dedicated his entire life to helping others and defending the rights of immigrants.
Patrick and Mary (née Lynch) McGivney, Irish immigrants, gave birth to Michael on August 12, 1852.

He was the oldest of 13 kids, six of them passed away during infancy or youth. In a brass factory in Waterbury, Connecticut, his father worked as a molder.Michael attended the neighborhood Waterbury public school, but left at the age of 13 to work in a spoon-making department of a brass plant.

Michael Joseph McGivney loved giving back to the community. He went to Baltimore, Maryland’s St. Mary’s Seminary.
On December 22, 1877, Archbishop James Gibbons conducted his ordination as a priest at the Baltimore Cathedral of the Assumption.

Where did Michael McGivney, the blessed, reside?
Michael McGivney, a blessed man, resided in New Haven, Connecticut.
After receiving his priestly ordination, he relocated there, where he founded the Knights of Columbus, a fraternal Catholic organization.

He dedicated his entire life to improving the lives of others around him.
Father McGivney was born somewhere.
On August 12, 1852, Father Michael McGivney was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, in the United States.
Patrick and Mary (née Lynch) McGivney, Irish immigrants, had 13 children; he was the oldest.
He acquired the virtues of grit and perseverance from his parents, who put in a lot of effort to support their large family.

He lived his life upholding these principles by being nice and compassionate to everyone around him.
Where is Father McGivney’s grave located?
In New Haven, Connecticut’s St. Mary’s Cemetery, Father McGivney is laid to rest. Each year, thousands of people pay their respects and celebrate his life and legacy by going to his cemetery.
He made a significant contribution to the community, and his legacy will endure forever.
Whom did Father McGivney have siblings?

Patrick and Mary (née Lynch) McGivney had 13 children together, with Father Michael McGivney being the oldest.
He had to take care of his younger siblings when his father passed away while he was only 19 years old because six of his siblings had died infancy or childhood.
His upbringing, which included taking care of his siblings, motivated him to assist other immigrant families going through a similar ordeal.

The Knights of Columbus, the largest Catholic fraternal order in the world, was founded as a result of his compassion and tenacity.
Ode to Michael Mcgivney
The loss of Michael Patrick “Hoss” McGivney to his family, friends, and the community is profound.

Everyone he knew was surprised by his sudden demise, which left an empty space.
Michael’s comprehensive obituary is still waiting as his family gathers to remember his extraordinary life.

We’ll soon publish information on his accomplishments, interests, and fondest memories.
In the interim, Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home, 44 S. Mill Street, Naperville, will host a visitation to honor and remember Michael on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, from 3:00 to 8:00 PM.
Michael’s life and faith will be commemorated at a Mass of Christian Burial on September 6 at 11:00.

The SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Naperville, which is located at 36 N. Ellsworth St., will host the ceremony.
Father Michael McGivney’s legacy, however, will endure forever. He has left a potent legacy of kindness, hope, and civic engagement.
His life’s effort has motivated countless individuals to work for a brighter future, and future generations will remember his memory.