Expert Claims ‘Suicidal’ Pilot Buried Malaysia Airlines Plane with 239 Passengers in Uncharted Waters

In a startling revelation, British pilot Simon Hardy asserts that the pilot of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 intentionally ditched the plane into the ocean, concealing it and its 239 passengers at the ocean’s depths.

Hardy’s claim comes a decade after the mysterious disappearance of the Boeing 777 aircraft, suggesting that the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, deliberately crashed the plane in a murder-suicide, possibly driven by personal troubles.

Mathematical Analysis Points to Unsearched Ocean Location

Hardy, known for his mathematical skills, used his expertise to calculate the likely positions of the remains of MH370.

He contends that the plane’s resting place is in an area never explored during the official search efforts. The aircraft vanished from radar while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014, with satellite data indicating a deviation over the southern Indian Ocean.

‘Suicidal’ Pilot’s Meticulous Plan and Tragic Motivation

According to Hardy, Captain Shah meticulously executed a plan to kill all passengers before burying the plane in a deep trench at the bottom of the ocean.

The pilot’s alleged murder-suicide theory aligns with the findings of the first independent study by air accident investigator Ewan Wilson.

Shah’s personal problems, including a reported split with his wife and familial issues, are speculated as potential motivations for this shocking act.

Flight Path and Calculations Outside Official Search Area

Hardy’s calculations place the plane just outside the official search area, suggesting that the pilot aimed for the Geelvinck Fracture Zone, a trench in the Southern Indian Ocean.

This location, marked by frequent earthquakes, could potentially have buried the plane under tons of rocks, complicating recovery efforts.

Pilot’s Meticulous Planning Revealed through Flight Data

Examining the flight plan, Hardy notes an unusual addition of 3,000kg of fuel and extra, unnecessary oxygen supplied exclusively to the cockpit.

These anomalies, coupled with a graph showing a unique constant speed line, led Hardy to believe in the pilot’s meticulous planning.

He suggests that the extra fuel and oxygen allowed the pilot to fly undetected for approximately seven hours, rendering passengers and crew unconscious.

Detailed Analysis of Ditching and Lack of Wreckage

Hardy argues that Shah intended to ditch the plane with precision, carefully managing the fuel to avoid an oil slick on the water’s surface.

The lack of wreckage is attributed to the controlled descent into the ocean.

Hardy believes that Shah’s plan aimed to entomb the plane at the ocean floor without saving the passengers, drawing a parallel to the Miracle on the Hudson incident.

Ongoing Mystery and Lack of Official Conclusions

Despite Hardy’s detailed analysis, the official investigation has not definitively determined the fate of MH370.

The disappearance continues to baffle authorities, with only a few debris pieces discovered along the east coast of Africa. The enduring mystery of MH370 remains a poignant and unresolved chapter in aviation history.

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