Meghan Markle’s Culinary Venture Steals Spotlight from Prince William’s Honoring of Princess Diana

Meghan Markle’s Culinary Venture Steals Spotlight from Prince William’s Honoring of Princess Diana

The Duchess of Sussex has unveiled a new lifestyle brand, coinciding with an emotional speech by Prince William at the Diana Legacy Awards.

The timing of the brand launch, just moments before William’s speech, has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about strategic timing and potential implications.

Royal Event and Brand Launch Coincidence:

The launch of Meghan’s lifestyle brand occurred concurrently with a significant royal event, the Diana Legacy Awards, where Prince William honored his late mother.

The juxtaposition of these events, along with the timing of the brand reveal, has drawn attention to the dynamics within the royal family and the activities of the Sussexes.

Strategic Timing and Impact:

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam highlighted the calculated nature of the Sussexes’ actions, suggesting that timing plays a crucial role in their strategic maneuvers.

The synchronized launch of the lifestyle brand and Prince William’s speech underscores the deliberate nature of the Sussexes’ public relations efforts and their ability to garner attention.

Royal Family Dynamics and Feud Speculations:

The reluctance of Prince William and Prince Harry to acknowledge each other’s presence at the event has reignited speculation about the ongoing feud between the brothers.

The absence of a joint appearance, a departure from past practice, reflects the strained relationship between the two.

Speculations on Princess Diana’s Influence:

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward speculated on how Princess Diana would have handled the situation, suggesting that she would have insisted on the brothers setting aside their differences for the sake of presenting the award in her name.

This perspective adds a poignant layer to the familial dynamics surrounding the event.

Meghan and Harry’s Engagement:

In addition to launching her lifestyle brand, Meghan and Harry also released a video congratulating the winner of the NAACP – Archewell Foundation Digital Civil Rights Award.

This engagement further highlights the couple’s ongoing philanthropic efforts and their commitment to social causes.

Details of Meghan’s Lifestyle Brand:

Meghan’s new venture, American Riviera Orchard, is described as a reflection of her passions and interests.

The brand encompasses various lifestyle products, including jams, cookbooks, and home goods, aligning with Meghan’s previous endeavors such as her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Netflix Projects and Professional Ventures:

The Sussexes’ collaboration with Netflix continues with new projects, including documentaries, a film, and unscripted series.

Their involvement with Netflix reflects their commitment to sharing diverse narratives and promoting social impact through media.

Royal Family’s Response and Meghan’s Past Endeavors:

The launch of Meghan’s lifestyle brand and the subsequent responses underscore the evolving dynamics within the royal family and the continued public interest in the activities of the Sussexes.

The rebranding efforts and professional ventures signal a new chapter in Meghan and Harry’s post-royal life.


The intersection of royal events, strategic timing, and personal ventures sheds light on the complex interplay between public image, familial relationships, and professional endeavors within the royal sphere.

As the Sussexes forge their own path, their actions continue to spark discussions and shape perceptions in the media and beyond.

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