Crowning Glory: The Rising Stars of The Crown’s Final Season Take the Fashion World by Storm

The Red Carpet Debut

The highly-anticipated final season of The Crown premiered in Los Angeles, with all eyes on the cast, particularly Meg Bellamy, who plays Kate Middleton.

Dressed in a stunning black silk, bejeweled Stella McCartney dress, Meg, along with co-stars Ed McVey and Luther Ford, made a dazzling red carpet debut at the Westwood Regency Village Theatre.

Meg’s Real-Life Royalty Status

Meg Bellamy, a 21-year-old actress, has not only stepped into the role of Kate Middleton but has also become a favorite in the fashion world.

Even before appearing on screen, Meg secured deals with renowned fashion houses, including Dior, Cartier, Valentino, and Jaguar. The fashion industry is treating her as if she were royalty, mirroring her character’s status.

Strategic Campaign for The Crown

Netflix, in a carefully orchestrated move, has devised a glitzy campaign to raise the profile of Meg, Ed, and Luther off-screen.

The aim is to package the sixth and final season as the “Kate, Wills, and Harry years,” shifting the focus away from the controversial recreation of Princess Diana’s death. This strategic move aligns with the popularity of the trio’s on-screen bond.

Meg’s Fashion Empire

Meg’s rise to fame extends beyond her acting skills. Despite lacking formal acting training, her association with Dior, Cartier, Valentino, and Jaguar positions her as a fashion icon.

Her front-row appearance at Dior’s couture show and collaborations with luxury brands demonstrate the fashion world’s recognition of her potential star power.

The Trio’s Off-Screen Bond

To amplify the appeal of The Crown’s final season, Netflix is promoting the off-screen camaraderie between Meg, Ed, and Luther, echoing the close bond between their royal characters.

This strategy not only engages viewers but also attracts big brands seeking to capitalize on the trio’s popularity.

Fashion Labels’ Investment

Fashion labels, recognizing the marketing potential, are investing heavily in The Crown’s cast before they even hit the screen.

Meg, Ed, and Luther have become front-row regulars, attending high-profile events, and receiving a multitude of freebies. This calculated move aims to leverage the trio’s popularity, reminiscent of the real-life camaraderie between William, Kate, and Harry.

Social Media Success

With around 9,000 followers on Instagram each, Meg, Ed, and Luther are expected to experience a significant surge in followers once The Crown airs. The trio’s social media presence becomes a powerful tool for fashion labels to showcase their products to millions of potential viewers.

A Clever PR Move

The orchestrated off-screen appearances and social media interactions among the cast emulate the real-life dynamics of the young Royals, creating a buzz reminiscent of the days before Meghan Markle entered the picture.

This clever PR move ensures that discussions around The Crown extend beyond the tragic portrayal of Princess Diana’s death, adding a layer of excitement around the cast’s real-life connections.

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