Meghan And Harry’s $14M Castle Faces Direct Hit From Raging “Bomb Cyclone”

Meghan And Harry’s $14M Castle Faces Direct Hit From Raging “Bomb Cyclone”

As a super storm sweeps through southern California, bringing heavy rains and flash flood warnings, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, find themselves in the midst of a weather emergency.

The National Weather Service has issued alerts, indicating the potential threat of flooding and mudslides in various regions of California.

Storm Impact on Harry and Meghan’s Neighborhood:

The neighborhood where Harry and Meghan reside, specifically Santa Barbara and Montecito, is currently experiencing thunderstorms and heightened flood risks.

The downpour has prompted concerns about the safety of residents, including the royal couple and their children.

Nearby areas, such as Oxnard, have reported distressing situations where residents are trapped in submerged cars due to flooded streets.

Tornado Warning and Severe Thunderstorm:

In addition to flood concerns, a tornado warning has been issued for central Ventura County until 2 am local time.

Meteorologists have identified a severe thunderstorm near Oxnard, moving northward, capable of producing a tornado.

This storm, surpassing the intensity of a previous one earlier in the week, is anticipated to revitalize a previously sluggish rainy season in California.

Comparisons to Past Atmospheric Rivers:

The storm, centered offshore in the Pacific, is gradually moving southeastward, unleashing bands of rain on the central coast. This event follows a series of atmospheric rivers last year that replenished reservoirs following a prolonged drought.

The scale and impact of the current storm are expected to be significant, potentially leading to flooding all the way down to San Diego.

Simultaneous Challenges Across the U.S.:

While California grapples with this super storm, the Northeastern part of the United States is facing its own challenges from storms causing floods, downed trees, power outages, and fatalities.

Over 5 inches of rain have already fallen in the Santa Ynez Mountains, contributing to concerns about floods and potential landslides.

Forecast Challenges and Travel Implications:

The storm’s unpredictable nature has presented challenges for meteorologists, with fluctuating forecasts and marine warnings issued due to severe thunderstorms.

Flood watches extend from the central California coast to San Diego, posing a high risk of roadway flooding, travel delays, and other hazardous conditions.

These weather challenges may impact the holiday plans of Southern Californians, with around 9.5 million residents expected to travel during this period.

Snowfall and Weather Conditions:

Despite its intensity, the storm’s relatively warm nature means that snowfall is likely to be confined to high elevations in the southern Sierra Nevada and select Southern California ranges.

The California Highway Patrol in South Lake Tahoe has reported a mix of rain, sleet, snow, and icy roads, describing the storm as a messy weather event.

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