Reality Star Megan McKenna Reveals Facial Burns in Instagram Post

Megan McKenna’s Brave Display: Facial Burns After Gravy Mishap

Megan McKenna, the reality TV star turned musician, took to Instagram to share a startling glimpse of her facial burns, the result of a horrifying accident involving a scalding jug of gravy.

In a brave move, the 30-year-old opened up to her fans, showcasing the extent of her facial injuries.

A Dinner Turned Nightmare

The “nightmare” incident unfolded when Megan was at her mother Tanya’s home for a roast dinner. Megan’s mother, carrying the gravy jug, tripped over their dog Daisy.

In the chaos that ensued, the scalding gravy landed on Megan’s head, causing significant burns to her face.

A Healing Process

In her Instagram video, Megan detailed the ordeal, emphasizing that her injuries were in the process of healing. She described the burns as being on her nose, with a substantial blister behind her ear.

Despite the discomfort, Megan maintained her sense of humor, stating, “It’s obviously caught the side of my face.

It looks so much better now, it’s in the healing process, so it’s a little bit rank. It’s on my nose. I’ve got a huge blister behind my ear. My ear feels like it’s hanging off.”

Quick Action and Gratitude

Megan expressed her gratitude for her mother’s quick response during the accident. Her mother immediately rushed her to the sink, where she sprayed water on her for half an hour.

Megan acknowledged the importance of her mother’s actions, stating, “If that hadn’t happened, I don’t know what it would have looked like.

Thank god we were right near a sink and she knew what she was doing. It was a couple of hours of stress.”

A Birthday Post with Resilience

With her birthday approaching, Megan chose to address her followers and alleviate concerns about her well-being.

She emphasized that she is on the mend and still has a fondness for gravy despite the unfortunate incident.

A Bright Future

Megan recently announced her engagement to footballer Oliver Burke.

Their whirlwind romance, which began in February, culminated in a romantic proposal during a holiday in Montenegro.

The couple shared their joy on social media, with Megan declaring, “YES YES YES a thousand times YES.” The heartwarming video of Oliver’s proposal delighted fans, and the couple’s love story continues to capture the hearts of their followers.

Megan McKenna’s resilience in the face of adversity and her openness with her fans about her journey to recovery are a testament to her strength and character.