Megan Fox Shares Relationship Advice Ahead of Poetry Book Release

Actress Megan Fox, known for her rollercoaster romance with fiance Machine Gun Kelly, offers candid relationship advice as she prepares to release her poetry book, “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.”

a recent interview, Megan opens up about her upcoming book, discussing the inspiration behind it and her views on relationships.

Megan’s Poetry Book and Its Diverse Themes

Megan’s poetry book, “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous,” is set to be released on November 7. She describes it as a collection of poems that draw from various sources, blending literal and allegorical elements.

Some poems, she mentions, have a Grimm’s fairy tale quality, while others serve a purpose akin to online memes in pop culture.

Megan expresses how writing allows her to find catharsis through art, providing a space for her to express herself fully, something acting can’t offer.

On the Ugliness and Growth in Relationships

Megan reflects on the nature of relationships and acknowledges that, for most people, they are not fairy tales.

She highlights that relationships can be ugly and sometimes even resemble a war.

However, she believes that within the challenges of a relationship lies the opportunity for personal growth and becoming a stronger, more complete version of oneself.

Keeping Unsettling Poems Private

While Megan has been quite open about her poetry, she mentions that she has kept some of her more “unsettling” poems private because they contain graphic content that she feels might be too intense for others to read.

Excerpt from “a beautiful boy is a deadly drug”

Megan shares an excerpt from one of her poems titled “a beautiful boy is a deadly drug.” In this excerpt, she writes about addiction and the inability of prayers to cure it.

She seems to allude to her connection with Machine Gun Kelly, describing a deep, almost painful connection between them, indicating that he is both a source of pain and an unbreakable bond.

Twin Flame Connection with MGK

Megan previously referred to Machine Gun Kelly as her “twin flame,” suggesting that they share a unique and profound connection that goes beyond being soulmates.

She believes they are two halves of the same soul, indicating an immediate and strong connection when they first met.

Megan and MGK’s Relationship

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have been engaged for two years and have faced their fair share of challenges.

Despite the ups and downs, they are still committed to moving forward with their relationship and eventually getting married.

Co-Parenting and Positive Relationships

Megan shares three children with her former husband Brian Austin Green, while Brian welcomed a son with his fiancée, Sharna Burgess.

Megan and Brian have worked on improving their co-parenting relationship, with Megan acknowledging the positive role that Sharna has played in their journey.

Megan, Machine Gun Kelly, and Brian are focusing on their respective futures and appear to be in a positive and healthy space.


Megan Fox’s upcoming poetry book offers a glimpse into her thoughts on relationships, personal growth, and her deep connection with Machine Gun Kelly.

As they continue their journey as a couple, their commitment to moving forward together remains strong.