Hollywood Actress Megan Fox Talks About Abusive Relationships in Candid Interview

Hollywood Actress Megan Fox Talks About Abusive Relationships in Candid Interview

Hollywood actress Megan Fox recently disclosed that she had been in abusive relationships with “very famous people” in her past.

In an interview with Good Morning America, she shed light on these difficult experiences, emphasizing that they remained unknown to the public.

Revealing Her Past

During the interview, Megan Fox shared her journey, mentioning that she had been in at least one physically abusive relationship and several psychologically abusive ones.

While she didn’t disclose the names of these famous individuals, she emphasized that her past relationships included “horrific people.” Despite being in the public eye, her connections with these individuals remained private.

Hints in Her New Collection of Poems

Megan Fox hinted at her past abusive experiences in her new collection of poems titled “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.”

Although she clarified that her poems should not be considered a memoir or an exposé, they reflect her personal struggles and emotions. In one poem titled “Oxycodone and Tequila,” she alluded to the challenges she faced within her relationships.

The Motivation Behind Her Poems

Megan announced the release of her 176-page book, “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous,” which came out recently.

She explained that these poems were her way of addressing the emotional turmoil that had affected her due to her silence in the past. Her poetry serves as an outlet for expressing her innermost thoughts and experiences.

Dedication to Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly

Many of the poems in Megan’s collection are dedicated to her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly. She credited him with inspiring her to write the book.

Their relationship began in early 2021, and they got engaged over a year later. Through her poems, she portrays the complexities of their connection and personal experiences.

Reflecting on Pain and Loss

Megan Fox’s poems touch on various aspects of her life, including her experiences with a “32-year-old narcissist” and her profound love and connection with her fiancé.

She also delves into the pain and sorrow she endured following a miscarriage. Her emotional words convey the depth of her feelings and personal journey.


Megan Fox’s candid revelations about her past abusive relationships with famous partners provide insight into her personal experiences.

Her new collection of poems allows her to express her emotions and reflect on her journey, including her loving relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and the pain of a miscarriage.

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