Medical Doctor Exposes Discrepancies in Jay Boogie’s Health Claims

Medical Doctor Exposes Discrepancies in Jay Boogie’s Health Claims

In a surprising turn of events, a medical doctor on social media, known as @the_beardedsina, has taken to Twitter to call out popular transgender personality Jay Boogie for what the doctor claims are discrepancies in the narrative surrounding Jay Boogie’s recent health struggles.

The doctor, identified as a medical influencer on Twitter, highlighted several points where he believes there have been inaccuracies in Jay Boogie’s story.

Challenging Statements: A Doctor’s Perspective

The doctor began by questioning Jay Boogie’s assertion of undergoing daily dialysis, stating that such a frequency is not medically possible.

He pointed out that the standard practice allows for a maximum of 2 to 3 dialysis sessions per day and emphasized the potential detrimental effects of excessive dialysis.

Dissecting Financial Claims: Alleged Inconsistencies

Another aspect scrutinized by the doctor was Jay Boogie’s claim of spending 600k per dialysis session. The doctor, in consultation with colleagues working in highbrow hospitals, contested this figure, asserting that no reputable medical institution charges such an exorbitant amount for dialysis.

Discrepancies in Treatment Methods: Plasmapharesis and Kidney Injury

The doctor delved into the specifics of Jay Boogie’s treatment, disputing the mention of Plasmapharesis for kidney injury resulting from surgery.

He clarified that Plasmapharesis is not a standard procedure for treating kidney injury and pointed out potential contradictions in Jay Boogie’s narrative.

Lack of Medical Evidence: Missing Lab Results

The doctor raised concerns about the absence of showcased lab results that could substantiate Jay Boogie’s claim of kidney injury.

He emphasized that physicians rely on specific lab tests to confirm such conditions and questioned the validity of the health crisis without supporting evidence.

Questioning Kidney Transplant Claims: Acute Kidney Injury

A critical point of contention was Jay Boogie’s assertion of needing new kidneys for an acute kidney injury.

The doctor challenged this, stating that kidney transplants are not typically performed for acute kidney injuries. He suggested that the portrayal of medical details may lack accuracy.

Encouraging Fact-Checking: Public Awareness and Accountability

In conclusion, the doctor acknowledged the possibility of complications arising during or after surgery but raised concerns about the perceived discrepancies in Jay Boogie’s narrative.

The article emphasized the importance of honesty when soliciting funds from the public and encouraged fact-checking by sending the information to qualified medical professionals for validation.

Final Thoughts: Maintaining Integrity in Medical Narratives

The doctor expressed the need for transparency in health-related crowdfunding efforts, emphasizing that the discrepancies in Jay Boogie’s story could potentially bring disrepute to the medical profession.

While acknowledging the possibility of genuine complications, the doctor urged individuals to be truthful when seeking financial support from the public.

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