Maximizing Savings: Martin Lewis’ Advice for Electricity Prepayment Meter Users

Maximizing Savings: Martin Lewis’ Advice for Electricity Prepayment Meter Users

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Introduction to the Energy Price Cap Changes


Financial expert Martin Lewis has shared valuable advice for individuals using electricity prepayment meters in light of the upcoming changes to the energy price cap.

As the United Kingdom experiences its first decrease in energy bills in two years, Lewis took to Twitter on Friday, June 30 to inform consumers about the latest developments.

Martin Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert, is well-known for providing money-saving tips and advice to the public.


His insights on the energy price cap changes are valuable for those with prepayment meters.

Reduction in Energy Price Cap and Impact on Prepayment Meter Users

Starting from Saturday, July 1, the price cap, which determines the maximum amount households pay for gas and electricity, will be reduced to £2,074.

This new cap falls below the government’s energy price cap of £2,500 and marks the first decrease in the typical energy bill in two years, following a period of consistent increases.

The reduction in the energy price cap is significant news for consumers, especially those with prepayment meters who have been facing higher costs in the past.


Advice for Non-Smart Electricity Prepayment Meter Users

Martin Lewis shared important advice specifically for customers with non-smart electricity prepayment meters.

He highlighted that the cost reduction is more substantial for these customers because they will now pay the same as those on direct debit.

The abolition of the “prepayment premium” means that non-smart electricity prepayment meter users will benefit from lower costs, aligning them with direct debit customers.

Timing Topping Up for Maximum Savings


To take full advantage of the reduced rates, electricity prepayment meter customers should wait until Saturday to top up their meters.

This ensures that they benefit from the lower prices immediately.

Martin Lewis emphasized that even if the savings may seem minimal, it is still worthwhile to delay topping up until Saturday, unless there is an urgent need to do so on Friday.

It’s important to note that this strategy applies only to electricity prepayment meters and not to gas or smart meters.

Conclusion: Martin Lewis advises consumers to be strategic with their topping up in order to maximize the savings offered by the price cap changes.


Waiting until Saturday to top up can lead to significant cost reductions, making it a prudent choice for electricity prepayment meter users.

Overall, Martin Lewis’ advice provides practical guidance for customers with non-smart electricity prepayment meters, helping them navigate the energy price cap changes and save money on their energy bills.


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