Matt Riddle’s Leaked Video Causes Internet Sensation and WWE Speculation

Matt Riddle’s Leaked Video Causes Internet Sensation and WWE Speculation

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

The Reddit Deletion and Social Media Backups

A leaked video featuring Matt Riddle, a 37-year-old WWE superstar known as The Original Bro, was swiftly removed from Reddit by an anonymous uploader.


However, internet users were quick to save the video as a backup and subsequently shared it on various other social media platforms.

Demand and Monetization

As the demand for the viral video skyrocketed, WWE followers flocked to Twitter to discuss and view the controversial footage.

Exploiting this opportunity, some individuals began selling the video or directing traffic to their websites through backlinks, aiming to capitalize on the increased attention.

Details of the Leak

Ringside News, a wrestling news outlet, reported that the explicit video was initially sent to a recipient on Snapchat, without anticipating its public exposure.

In an unusual twist, Matt Riddle himself shared the video instead of it being leaked like personal photos and clips of other wrestlers found online.

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The recipient downloaded the video through screen recording and later made it public on the internet.


WWE Draft and Matt Riddle’s Absence from Raw

During the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw on May 8, 2023, the revised roster for the red brand following the 2023 WWE draft was revealed.

Surprisingly, Matt Riddle, a Raw Superstar, was absent from the show.

However, his name generated significant attention throughout the episode.

Speculation and Confirmation of Unrelated Absence

While Matt Riddle did appear on Raw Talk after WWE Raw, his name trending online was not due to his appearance on the talk show.

Instead, it was a result of the leaked video featuring him.

Recent reports shed light on the situation, suggesting that his absence from Raw was unrelated to the leaked video.

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Ringside News clarified that Riddle’s non-appearance on Raw was not a consequence of the explicit video leak.

They confirmed that he was not scheduled to appear on the show that week.


Matt Riddle’s Recent WWE Journey

Following his absence from television since December 2022, Matt Riddle made a comeback on the Raw episode after WrestleMania 39.

During this event, he joined forces with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to form a team that faced off against The Bloodline.


The leaking of explicit videos and personal content has become an unfortunate trend in the age of social media.

In Matt Riddle’s case, the leaked video sparked widespread interest and speculation within the WWE community.

The speed at which the video was saved and shared on various platforms demonstrates the challenge of controlling content once it is released online.

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Furthermore, the monetization of the video through sales and website traffic indicates the opportunistic nature of some individuals who seek to profit from such scandals.

This highlights the darker side of online viral content and the potential consequences for those involved.

Regarding Matt Riddle’s absence from Raw, the speculation surrounding his non-appearance and the subsequent confirmation that it was unrelated to the leaked video adds an element of intrigue to the story.


It raises questions about potential behind-the-scenes factors that may have influenced his absence and leaves room for further speculation among fans and observers.

This incident serves as a reminder of the privacy challenges faced by public figures in the digital age and the impact of leaked content on their personal and professional lives.

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