Mary Njoku honors Moyo Lawal’s birthday, citing 2023 as her toughest year

Birthday Wishes from Mary Remmy Njoku

Celebrating Moyo Lawal’s birthday, fellow Nollywood actress Mary Remmy Njoku penned a heartfelt message.

Despite a delayed greeting due to the New Year celebration on January 1st, Mary expressed her warm wishes for Moyo’s special day.

Embracing Calmness Amid Criticism

Mary highlighted Moyo’s exceptional trait of avoiding conflicts, describing her as the epitome of tranquility.

Acknowledging the challenges Moyo faced in 2023, especially amidst public scrutiny, Mary emphasized Moyo’s resilience in persevering through such trying times.

A Message of Support and Love

Expressing unwavering support, Mary assured Moyo of continuous prayers and affirmed her significance within the ROK Studios community.

Mary’s declaration of love and admiration for Moyo was evident as she wished her the best in this new phase of life.

Mary’s heartfelt words encapsulated her admiration for Moyo’s composure and strength, predicting a brighter future filled with joy, love, and unwavering favor wherever Moyo treads.

The message ended with a playful note about joining in the birthday celebration with a promise to share in the cake-eating festivities.

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