Marshalls Announces Factory Closure and Job Cuts Amidst Declining Revenues

Marshalls, a company based in Carluke, Scotland, has decided to close its factory due to a significant drop in revenue and profit during the first six months of the year.


The closure aims to save the company £9 million but will also result in additional job cuts on top of the 150 layoffs announced the previous year.

Persistent Weakness in Housing Market:

The decision to shut down the factory is attributed to the “persistent weakness” observed in both new build housing and home renovations.

This decline in the housing market has impacted Marshalls’ financial performance, and the company does not foresee a swift recovery.

High interest rates are discouraging housebuilding and further exacerbating the situation.


Economic Challenges Ahead:

Marshalls expects the challenges to persist as the macro-economic backdrop remains uncertain.

Sustained high inflation, increasing interest rates, and weak consumer confidence are key factors contributing to the company’s cautious outlook for the future.

As a result, the board anticipates that the group’s performance in the second half of the year will fall below its previous expectations.

New Build Rates Drop to Historic Lows:

Recent months have seen new build rates plunge to levels not seen since the pandemic and the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

The fast-rising interest rates have acted as a deterrent to new housing starts, leading to a decline in the market conditions.


Analyst Perspective:

Investec analyst Aynsley Lammin commented on Marshalls’ situation, noting that the company had experienced a strong run in its shares, with a 21% increase in the past month.

However, after the latest update, the shares have fallen by 9% to 251.2p, which may come as a disappointment to investors.

The scale of the full year’s downgrade is considered a negative surprise in light of the previous positive performance.


Marshalls’ decision to close its Carluke factory and implement job cuts is a response to the challenging economic conditions, particularly in the housing market.

With declining revenues and profit, the company faces uncertain prospects for the remainder of the year.


As the macro-economic factors continue to pose challenges, Marshalls’ ability to rebound in the second half remains uncertain, impacting its financial performance and disappointing investors.

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