Married at First Sight UK Star Georges’ Past Date with Chloe Sims on Celebs Go Dating

Married at First Sight UK star Georges has a history that connects him to The Only Way Is Essex star Chloe Sims.

Chloe, known for her role on TOWIE, was a participant on the reality show Celebs Go Dating in 2018, where she crossed paths with sports physio Georges during one of her attempts to find a romantic partner.

A Glimpse into Their Date

During their televised date five years ago on E4, Chloe playfully revealed her affinity for individuals named George and candidly discussed her thoughts on marriage.

Georges shared details about attending his brother’s wedding in the South of France and expressed his desire to uphold the family tradition of getting married in a church.

He even extended an invitation for Chloe to be his guest, which visibly delighted her.

Chloe, expressing her fondness for weddings, St Tropez, churches, and people named George, indicated a strong connection with these aspects.

Married at First Sight UK star Georges previously dated The Only Way Is Essex beauty Chloe Sims (Image: E4)

Shared Enthusiasm

Chloe’s enthusiasm for all things related to weddings and Georges seemed to align with his sentiments.

The two engaged in a giddy exchange, with Chloe expressing her desire to visit the church where they would potentially get married.

Georges appeared on Celebs Go Dating and spent time with Chloe

What Happened Next

Despite their flirtatious interaction and shared interests, Chloe and Georges’ relationship did not progress further.

Georges is now participating in Married at First Sight UK as he continues his quest for love.

Georges’ Perspective on Reality TV

Defending his previous experience in reality television, Georges emphasized that participating in Married at First Sight UK is a unique and challenging endeavor.

He highlighted that the show is unlike any other, as participants meet their potential partners for the first time when they turn around during the wedding ceremony.

Georges stressed the courage required to take part in such an experiment.


This glimpse into Chloe Sims and Georges’ past encounter offers an interesting connection between reality TV personalities.

While their flirtatious exchange provided entertainment, it ultimately did not lead to a lasting relationship.

Georges’ decision to join Married at First Sight UK reflects his readiness for a different kind of reality TV experience, one that involves a unique social experiment centered on finding true love.

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