Mark Chapman Steps In – Gary Lineker Takes a Break Amidst Premier League Drama

Gary Lineker, famed Match of the Day host and former footballer, has always had a life off-camera as intriguing as his television career.

Despite going through two public divorces, Lineker, now happily single, focuses on putting his children first.

Recently, an unexpected announcement about his absence from the show due to a persistent cold has stirred interest.

A Night Off Due to a Cold:

In a surprising turn of events, Lineker took to social media to inform fans that he would not be hosting Match of the Day due to an enduring cold.

Mark Chapman would step in for the Saturday night show, featuring discussions on key moments from several Premier League matches.

Family Ties and Marital History:

Off the pitch, Lineker is a dedicated father to his four sons from his first marriage to Michelle Cockayne, which ended in 2006.

His second marriage, to Danielle Bux, concluded in 2016 amid reported disagreements about having children.

Lineker openly acknowledges that he and Bux remain close friends despite the divorce.

Life as a Single Parent and Love Life Discussions:

Since his second divorce, Lineker has remained single and expresses contentment with his current life.

In interviews, he discusses the lack of concern about intimacy, attributing it to age-related factors.

He values his time spent with sons and emphasizes the satisfaction he finds in being alone.

Maintaining Amicable Relationships:

Lineker’s relationship with Danielle Bux’s current husband, Nate Greenwald, stands out as an example of an amicable post-divorce dynamic.

Despite the split, they spend time together as a family, celebrating holidays and maintaining a positive connection.

Lineker advocates for amicable relationships post-divorce, challenging conventional norms.


Gary Lineker’s life beyond the camera unfolds as a story of family devotion, contentment in singlehood, and the pursuit of amicable relationships after divorce.

His openness about personal matters offers a refreshing perspective on navigating life’s complexities, both on and off the screen.

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