Marcus Rashford’s Quiet Night In – From Party Fines to Jigsaw Puzzles

Marcus Rashford’s Quiet Night In – From Party Fines to Jigsaw Puzzles

Man United striker Marcus Rashford, known for his 12-hour tequila benders, seems to have opted for a quieter pastime, sharing a glimpse of a 1,000-piece puzzle at his home.

The contrast in his activities raises eyebrows, suggesting a potential shift in lifestyle.

Jigsaw Night In:

Rashford, aged 26, displayed a picture of a 1,000-piece puzzle at his home, signaling a departure from his earlier partying escapades.

The image revealed he had collected 14 edges, arranging them in a pile on a Wednesday night.

An unnamed source noted the puzzle as an “unusual choice” for a high-profile footballer but acknowledged the potential positive shift in focus away from partying.

The focus on Rashford’s jigsaw puzzle provides a glimpse into his quieter night in, sparking curiosity about the change in his activities.

Consequences of Party Lifestyle:

Rashford faced repercussions for his partying lifestyle when he missed training after a night out in Belfast, resulting in a hefty fine of £650,000, equivalent to two weeks’ wages.

Despite the financial penalty, Man Utd stated that Rashford took responsibility for his actions.

His return to the starting XI against Wolves saw him scoring a goal, indicating a potential on-field redemption.

The consequences of Rashford’s partying, including the substantial fine and subsequent return to the pitch, add context to his decision to engage in a quieter pastime.

PSG’s Renewed Interest:

Amidst Rashford’s party-related troubles, reports suggest that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is considering a renewed interest in the striker.

PSG, seeking replacements for Kylian Mbappe, previously attempted to lure Rashford with a £400,000-per-week offer in 2022.

Despite Rashford’s commitment to Manchester United until 2028, his recent performance, coupled with off-field incidents, might prompt PSG to explore the possibility of his move in the upcoming summer.

The potential interest from PSG introduces a layer of speculation, hinting at the ongoing impact of Rashford’s season and the club’s considerations for the future.


From party fines to jigsaw puzzles, Marcus Rashford’s recent activities reflect a potential shift in focus.

As PSG considers a fresh approach, Rashford’s on-field performance becomes crucial in determining his future in the upcoming transfer window.