Manchester’s Missy Empire Faces Scandal as Female Workers Speak Out Against Bullying and Coercion into Joining Onlyfans

Explosive revelations have emerged from 18 former female employees at the Manchester-based fast fashion retailer, Missy Empire, now under the ownership of Frasers Group.

The employees allege a toxic work culture, gender-based bullying, and inappropriate behavior orchestrated by the managing director, Ash Siddique.

Despite the brand’s proclaimed commitment to female empowerment, former staff members claim they were coerced into joining OnlyFans as a substitute for pay raises.

The Facade of Female Empowerment:

Missy Empire, founded by Ash Siddique and his brother, touts itself as a champion for empowered women.

However, the recent exposé indicates a stark contrast between the company’s public image and the alleged reality behind closed doors.

Former employees divulge instances of degrading comments about models’ bodies, demands for staff to model clothes for the managing director, and a general disregard for formal complaints.

Exploitation and Coercion:

The disturbing allegations extend to claims that Mr. Siddique suggested staff members engage in adult content creation on platforms like OnlyFans instead of pursuing pay raises.

This alleged coercion, coupled with derogatory comments and inappropriate requests, has left former employees emotionally distressed.

The company’s purported commitment to female empowerment appears incongruent with the reported exploitation and degradation experienced by its female workforce.

Ignored Complaints and Unjust Terminations:

Former staff members assert that their formal complaints were consistently ignored by Missy Empire’s owners.

Additionally, seven employees claim they were terminated without valid reasons, and two allege they were denied access to copies of their employment contracts.

The failure to address grievances and the alleged unjust terminations have added fuel to the already blazing controversy surrounding the company’s workplace practices.

Corporate Oversight and HR Failures:

Despite JD Sports acquiring a majority stake in Missy Empire in June 2021, followed by its sale to Frasers Group in December 2022, the employees claim that flagged issues were inadequately addressed by both companies.

Emails, screenshots, and testimonies supporting the allegations were reportedly sent to HR departments, but employees contend that their concerns fell on deaf ears, leaving them feeling vulnerable and unsupported.

The Path Forward:

As the scandal unfolds, calls for accountability grow louder. Former employees hope for a thorough investigation into the alleged misconduct and an acknowledgment of the toxic work environment they claim to have endured.

Missy Empire and Frasers Group have been approached for comment, and the public awaits their response amidst increasing scrutiny.


The Missy Empire controversy serves as a stark reminder of the challenges women may face within workplaces that proclaim empowerment but allegedly perpetuate exploitation, harassment, and a culture of fear.

The unfolding developments underscore the imperative for companies to uphold their professed values and ensure the safety and well-being of their employees.

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