Manchester United Faces Accusations of Cover-Up in Brazil Star Antony’s Alleged Assault Case

Manchester United, one of the world’s most prominent football clubs, finds itself embroiled in controversy as allegations of an attempted cover-up regarding an assault case involving their star player, Antony, have come to light.

Gabriela Cavallin, the victim of the alleged attack, and her legal team have accused the club of trying to conceal the incident.

This shocking accusation has prompted investigations by both the Sao Paulo Civil Police and Greater Manchester Police.

In response, Manchester United vehemently denied any involvement in a cover-up, insisting that they were unaware of the allegations until they surfaced in the Brazilian media.

This article delves into the unfolding story, detailing the allegations and the club’s response.

The Allegations

Gabriela Cavallin, the ex-girlfriend of Manchester United player Antony, claims that on January 15, Antony physically assaulted her at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Manchester.

According to Cavallin, the 23-year-old star headbutted her and forcefully threw her onto a bed, resulting in one of her breast implants becoming dislodged.

The alleged assault left her with injuries that required reconstructive surgery and also caused a head injury.

What is particularly troubling in this case is the assertion by Cavallin’s legal team that a support officer dispatched by the club attempted to conceal the incident.

They allege that the support officer called a club doctor to assess her injuries, thereby preventing her from seeking immediate medical attention at a hospital.

Investigations and Scrutiny

Reports from Brazil indicate that Sao Paulo Police have been asked to investigate the role of the support officer in the alleged incident.

Additionally, lawyers involved in the case have requested access to CCTV footage from the hotel, potentially providing crucial evidence.

Manchester United, on the other hand, confirmed that they arranged for a private doctor to visit Cavallin at Antony’s request.

However, they vehemently denied that any of their medical staff treated her.

It’s worth noting that arranging medical visits for players’ family members and partners is a common practice within the club.

Manchester United’s Denial

In response to these damning allegations, Manchester United issued a strong statement, categorically denying any involvement in a cover-up.

The club asserted that neither they nor the support officer were aware of the assault allegations until they were reported in the Brazilian media in June.

Antony, too, denied the allegations and volunteered for an interview in June, expressing his willingness to cooperate with any police inquiries.

Calls for Action and Caution

Despite these serious allegations, Manchester United has not suspended Antony, a decision that has faced criticism from domestic abuse campaigners.

However, the club’s manager, Erik ten Hag, has the option to rest Antony and shield him from the spotlight during future matches.

The club expressed its commitment to taking the matter seriously and acknowledging the potential impact of such allegations on abuse survivors.

Learning from Past Incidents

Manchester United’s approach to handling this case reflects lessons learned from past controversies, particularly the Mason Greenwood case.

Greenwood faced accusations of attempted rape and assault, resulting in an 18-month suspension and a loan transfer to Getafe.

These charges were later dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in February, and Greenwood maintains his innocence.

The club has consulted with the Professional Footballers’ Association and received advice from Women’s Aid, an organization advocating against domestic violence.

Building Understanding and Moving Forward

Teresa Parker, head of media at Women’s Aid, commended Manchester United for engaging in conversations with their organization and recognizing the importance of understanding domestic abuse.

Parker emphasized the value of such discussions in shaping future decisions regarding players and their actions.

As the investigations unfold in both the UK and Brazil, Manchester United faces a challenging path forward, navigating the complexities of this troubling incident.

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