Manchester City Faces November Hearing as Premier League Officials Hand Over Communications

Manchester City Faces November Hearing as Premier League Officials Hand Over Communications

Premier League officials have been instructed to provide texts, emails, and WhatsApp messages that mention Manchester City. This is part of the preparation for the hearing into the 115 charges against City, scheduled for November.

Hearing on 115 Charges Set for November

According to The Times, the process of gathering communications is underway ahead of the hearing. Manchester City faces accusations from the Premier League of hiding payments through third parties, disguised as sponsorship revenue. City denies any wrongdoing.

High-Level Officials Involved

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters and his predecessor Richard Scudamore are among those required to hand over messages. All communications dating back to 2009 that mention Manchester City must be disclosed.

City’s Legal Action Against the Premier League

Manchester City has initiated legal action against the Premier League, challenging the legality of the league’s Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules. These rules, introduced after the Saudi-led takeover of Newcastle in 2021, aim to prevent clubs from inflating sponsorship deals with firms linked to their owners. All deals must be independently verified as fair market value (FMV).

Overview of Charges Against City

The 115 charges against Manchester City pertain to breaches of Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules and regulations, spanning from 2009 to 2018. The upcoming hearing is expected to last six weeks and will be strictly confidential, meaning the media will not have access to details until a verdict is reached.

Potential Consequences for Manchester City

If found guilty, Manchester City, who have won the last four Premier League titles, could face significant fines and possibly relegation. The high stakes of the case underscore the importance of the upcoming hearing.

City’s Legal Hearing Set to Begin Monday

The two-week hearing for City’s legal action against the Premier League is set to start on Monday, marking the next significant step in this ongoing legal battle.