Man Awakens from Coma to Delusional Dream “I had won £50k and Rihanna was my friend”

In a bewildering account, a man named Mark Gibbs, aged 42, shares his extraordinary experience of spending five weeks in a state of hallucination after awakening from a coma.


During this time, he firmly believed he was in sunny California, had won a substantial sum of £50,000, and eagerly awaited a visit from the renowned pop singer Rihanna.

However, his elation turned to disappointment as reality slowly dawned upon him.

A Cautionary Reflection

While the tale of Mark’s hallucinations might be amusing to some, he now wishes to employ his unusual ordeal as a cautionary tale.

This transformative episode in his life led him to reassess his choices and behaviors, and he has since remained sober.


A Downward Spiral of Substance Abuse

Before this life-altering incident, Mark worked as a hospital porter, but his life had been plagued by alcohol and drug abuse from the early age of 14.

In April 2023, his struggles reached a critical point when he was found unconscious in his home.

Rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered that Mark was suffering from liver and kidney failure, which necessitated putting him into a medically-induced coma.

Living in a Hallucinatory World

After regaining consciousness, Mark’s mind was still trapped in a surreal realm.

He was adamant that he was residing in California, had come into possession of £50,000, and eagerly anticipated a visit from the famous singer Rihanna.


This illusion persisted for five weeks before the harsh truth emerged, leaving Mark “gutted” about the reality he had to return to.

A Wake-Up Call and a New Perspective

Mark’s harrowing experience served as a wake-up call, leading him to finally confront his issues with alcohol and drug abuse.

His resolve to make a positive change in his life has kept him sober since the awakening in April.

The Lingering Effects

Unfortunately, the consequences of Mark’s prolonged hallucination and substance abuse were significant.

He experienced two strokes during this period, resulting in the loss of use of his left arm and impairing his speech.


Although he spent eight weeks in the hospital recovering, he is still dealing with the lingering effects of his health scare.

Looking Ahead

Despite the challenges Mark now faces, he remains determined to rebuild his life.

He hopes to regain the strength in his legs and return to playing football.

Nevertheless, the damage to his left arm and hand is extensive, with the nerves rendered entirely nonfunctional, allowing only slight finger twitches.

Conclusion: A Harrowing Journey

Mark Gibbs’ story serves as a poignant reminder of the dangers of substance abuse and the surreal consequences it can have on one’s life.


Through sharing his cautionary tale, Mark hopes to discourage others from falling into the same destructive path and encourages individuals to prioritize their health and well-being.


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