Man Apologizes for Spreading False Information About Kwara State Hospital

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. After making a misleading allegation against the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Budo-Egba in Kwara State on an online platform, a man has expressed remorse and tendered his apology.


Realizing the mistake of releasing sensitive information online, he acknowledged that his story had misled the general public regarding the hospital management’s denial of his job.

Admission of Mistake:

In a somber state, the individual recognized the seriousness of his error and admitted that he should never have taken the step he did.

He took responsibility for his actions and acknowledged the misleading nature of the information he provided.

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Apology to the Management:

The man extended his sincere apology to the hospital management for the scandalous information he had shared on the online platform.

He expressed remorse and made a promise never to repeat such actions in the future.

Apology Letter Excerpt:

The man’s apology letter, addressed to Naija News, conveyed his regrets for his recent actions and the publication of misleading information regarding his job with the establishment.


He acknowledged being misguided and allowing his emotions to cloud his judgment at the time.

He emphasized that he had never intended to harm anyone and assured that he would maintain exemplary behavior moving forward.

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With the issuance of this apology, the man seeks to rectify the harm caused by his misleading allegation against the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Budo-Egba.

He expressed remorse, acknowledged his mistake, and promised to refrain from causing any further disruptions.

The hospital management will now decide how to proceed with the situation, hopefully fostering a better understanding and resolution.


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