Madonna’s Spectacular Celebration Tour Opener in London

Madonna’s Spectacular Celebration Tour Opener in London

Madonna’s Spectacular Celebration Tour Opener in London

Madonna’s latest show in London was a spectacular celebration that featured family, friends, and even past lovers.

The Queen of Pop’s children took center stage, showcasing their talents and making it a true family affair.

Family Takes the Stage

During the opening night of Madonna’s Celebration tour in London, the Ciccone family’s legacy was on full display.

Five of Madonna’s children played significant roles in the performance.

Daughter Mercy skillfully played the piano during “Bad Girl,” while son David took the spotlight on the guitar for several songs, including “Don’t Tell Me.”

Talented Twins and a Birthday Celebration

However, the real highlights of the night were the 11-year-old twins, Estere and Stella, who took on the roles of DJs and even struck a pose during the performance of “Vogue.”

Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes, played a part by scoring their dance routines with giant cards.

It was a special evening as it happened to be Lourdes’ 27th birthday, and Madonna led the crowd in singing “Little Star” to celebrate.

Tributes to Loved Ones

Madonna paid tribute to her late parents and her adopted son’s family with giant family portraits displayed during the rendition of “Mother And Father.”

Departed friends and collaborators from Madonna’s entire career, including artist Keith Haring, were remembered during “Live To Tell.”

Remembering Former Lovers and Michael Jackson

A particularly amusing section of the show was dedicated to Madonna’s many former lovers, featuring iconic names like Warren Beatty, Guy Ritchie, Dennis Rodman, Vanilla Ice, Jellybean Benitez, and Sean Penn displayed on big screens.

Additionally, there was a tribute to her “friend” Michael Jackson, blending “Like A Virgin” with “Billie Jean” while silhouettes of both artists danced on stage.

Emotional Moments and a Nod to London

The event held emotional significance for Madonna as she reflected on her near-death illness earlier in the year.

She expressed how having her children by her side helped her through this challenging time, and she played a verse of “I Will Survive” on the guitar.

Being in London had a special meaning for her as it marked a “full circle” moment. In her youth, Madonna saved up for plane tickets to London to explore the music and fashion scene.

A Wardrobe Tribute and Iconic Looks

Madonna’s wardrobe for the performance was a celebration of her past, with the dancers donning 17 iconic looks from her career, including the famous Like A Virgin wedding dress and cone-bra corset.

Her favorite designers joined forces to honor her style, creating bespoke new outfits that reflected different eras of her career.

An Unapologetic Extravaganza

While the show was a “hits” performance, some classic songs were notably absent, such as “Borderline,” “Express Yourself,” “Material Girl,” “Frozen,” “True Blue,” with only hints of “Music” and “Papa Don’t Preach.”

Nevertheless, Madonna delivered a typically unapologetic, often controversial, and very sexy extravaganza, doing things her way, always looking forward and entirely mesmerizing.