Madam Saje’s Spectacular Umbrella Challenge Performance Sparks Online Frenzy

Joining the Umbrella Challenge

Fausat Abeni Balogun, fondly known as Madam Saje, recently made waves across social media as she enthusiastically participated in the trending Umbrella challenge.

The renowned Nigerian actress showcased her dance prowess to the beats of NasBoi’s song, drawing significant attention from her admirers.

A Magnificent Display

In the video capturing Madam Saje’s participation, she is seen adorned in stunning attire, exuding passion as she gracefully danced.

Her movements synchronized seamlessly with the music, capturing the hearts of her audience. Notably, she incorporated the umbrella into her routine, adding flair to her performance and maintaining the rhythm effortlessly.

Praised by Fans and Followers

The 64-year-old veteran actress received an outpouring of praise in the comments section of the video. Numerous admirers and fans lauded her skillful execution of the dancing challenge, celebrating her energy and enthusiasm.

Reactions from Admirers

Among the comments expressing adoration and appreciation, individuals expressed their joy and admiration for Madam Saje’s vibrant display. Phrases like “Maami with the vibes” and “You are too much” flooded the comment section, emphasizing the overwhelming positivity and support she garnered.


Madam Saje’s participation in the Umbrella challenge not only showcased her talent but also resonated deeply with her fans, reinforcing her status as a beloved figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Her infectious energy and graceful moves continue to captivate audiences, earning her widespread acclaim and admiration online.

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