Lucky Cousins Win £1 Million Postcode Lottery Jackpot as Sole Residents on Unique Street

Lucky Cousins Win £1 Million Postcode Lottery Jackpot as Sole Residents on Unique Street

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Margaret Livens and Joyce Ablitt, both 72 years old, were left stunned when they discovered they had won the entire £1 million jackpot in the Postcode Lottery.


The remarkable twist of fate occurred because they are the only residents on their street, making them the sole owners of their unique postcode.

Neighboring Cousins with a Family Connection

Margaret and Joyce, who are cousins, live in adjacent semi-detached houses that were built by their husbands.

The land on which their homes stand was a gift from their grandfather 47 years ago.

Due to the unusual circumstance of being the only dwellings on their street, the local council required them to name the street and assign a specific postcode.

Little did they know that this peculiarity would lead to their life-changing win.

A Jackpot Celebration

The cousins, along with Margaret’s husband Harry (73), are now celebrating after each receiving £333,333 in the Postcode Lottery’s weekly Millionaire Street prize.


Harry expressed his initial disbelief, saying, “I can’t repeat what I thought when I first saw the cheque! We’d been stewing all weekend.”

Margaret added, “We built the houses ourselves.

It was a real family affair. They’re the only ones on the street, so we needed our own postcode. This is just incredible.”

From Hoax to Reality

Initially, Margaret, Joyce, and Harry thought the win was a prank, even when Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt arrived at their doors.

Their skepticism was dispelled when they were invited to the Postcode Lottery’s annual charity gala in Edinburgh, where they were astounded to learn the magnitude of their prize.

Overwhelmed Reactions

Joyce was so overwhelmed that she nearly fainted, saying, “My legs just gave way.

It was lucky Matt was there.”

She also expressed her regret that her late husband couldn’t share in the joy, stating, “When I got on stage to collect the cheque, the main thing for me wasn’t the money or anything.


It was because my husband wasn’t with me to share it. He was a very hard worker and a brilliant man.”

Unanticipated Triumph

Harry admitted that he had done some research on the Postcode Lottery and knew their trip to Edinburgh was related to their win, but he never imagined it would be the staggering amount of £1 million.

Margaret confessed, “I was in my reclining chair when Judie came to the door, but I couldn’t get it up.

I eventually did, and Judie explained, but I still didn’t believe her.”

Challenges Overcome

The trio’s incredible win comes after facing personal health challenges.

Harry underwent open heart surgery in April 2020 following cardiac issues, while Margaret recently received her fourth-year all-clear after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2019.

Joyce, a mother of two, also overcame a serious stroke two decades ago, which temporarily left her unable to speak.

Careful Consideration of Finances

As they plan their future, the trio is aware of the need for financial caution.


Joyce, who dreams of going on a Norwegian fjords cruise, mentioned, “We can spend the £333 part, but it’s the big bit that we have to be careful about.”

Sharing the Joy

Postcode Lottery ambassador Matt Johnson expressed his delight in surprising Margaret, Joyce, and Harry with the life-changing sum of money.

He shared, “The first thing on their minds after winning was their family, and it was lovely to hear how they plan to share the money.”


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