Princess of Wales Shares Prince Louis’ Emotional Learning Journey at Shaping Us Symposium

Princess of Wales Shares Prince Louis’ Emotional Learning Journey at Shaping Us Symposium

Kate Middleton’s Revelation on Prince Louis’ Emotional Learning

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, made significant revelations during a symposium hosted by her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

Speaking to TV presenter Fearne Cotton, Kate shared insights into her five-year-old son Prince Louis’ participation in a study for early years. She detailed how Louis and his classmates at Lambrook School use a ‘feelings wheel’ to express their emotions.

The ‘Feelings Wheel’ Technique: Fostering Emotional Expression

Kate explained that the feelings wheel, a circle displaying color-coded core emotions at the center, helps young children express their feelings.

This technique involves using names or pictures of colors to represent emotions, encouraging open conversations. The Princess emphasized the keen interest and active involvement of children in such discussions.

Kate’s Keynote Speech on Early Childhood Development

Dressed in an elegant Emilia Wickstead purple suit, Kate later delivered a keynote speech at the Design Museum in London.

The speech highlighted the importance of addressing the root causes of societal challenges and working collaboratively for better solutions.

Kate expressed her nervous yet excited feelings before the speech, emphasizing the significance of her “life’s work” in the Shaping Us campaign.

Shaping Us Campaign: Transforming Attitudes Toward Early Childhood

The Shaping Us project, launched by Kate in January, focuses on influencing attitudes toward children in their formative years.

Kate stressed that the project aims to make a positive difference by supporting the vulnerable and addressing long-term, preventative change.

Global Listening Exercise and Symposium Findings

Kensington Palace revealed that the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood conducted a global listening exercise involving experts from 21 countries.

The findings, shared at the Shaping Us National Symposium, emphasized the importance of social and emotional skills for future mental and physical wellbeing. The symposium aimed to discuss actions needed to prioritize these skills and make them a greater societal focus.

Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives at the Symposium

The symposium featured talks from thought leaders, including Professor Jack Shonkoff and Sara Rajeswaran.

TV presenter Fearne Cotton, a Shaping Us champion, presented the event, and a panel of experts discussed their professional and personal experiences. Attendees engaged in workshops to explore actions at various levels to protect and strengthen social and emotional skills for current and future generations.

Kate’s Chic Appearance and Campaign Focus

Kate’s appearance at the symposium showcased her in a slick promo video, wearing a burgundy power suit. The video highlighted the preparations for the event and underlined the importance of the Shaping Us campaign.

Kate’s ensemble, worth £1,940.02, reflected her commitment to raising awareness about the impact of early childhood on individuals’ lives.

Shaping Us Campaign: A Major Push for Awareness

The Shaping Us campaign, initiated by the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, is a major effort by Kate to raise awareness of how early years shape lives.

The campaign, set to run for at least five years, aims to break the cycle of difficult childhoods and prioritize social and emotional development.

Kate’s Powerful Speech on Building a Healthier World

In her keynote speech, Kate emphasized the need to understand and prioritize the foundations supporting children.

She highlighted the importance of social and emotional capabilities, calling for new thinking and action at every level.

Kate urged society to create a healthier world by nurturing the foundations of early care and supporting those raising the next generation.

Conclusion: Shaping Us Symposium as a Milestone

The Shaping Us National Symposium and the research conducted by The Centre for Early Childhood mark a significant milestone in the Shaping Us campaign.

The Princess of Wales continues to advocate for the importance of early childhood development, striving to bring positive change and resilience to future generations.

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