Lori Vallow Faces New Charges in Court As She Is Accused of Conspiracy to Murder Relatives

Lori Vallow Faces New Charges in Court As She Is Accused of Conspiracy to Murder Relatives

Charges Stemming from Alleged Doomsday Obsession

In a court appearance, Lori Vallow, infamous as the ‘Doomsday Cult’ mom convicted of murdering her children, now faces additional charges related to conspiracy to murder her relatives.

The accusations involve plotting with her brother Alex Cox to kill her husband Charles Vallow and planning the murder of her niece’s husband, Brandon Boudreaux. Vallow, previously convicted in May for the murder of her children Tylee and JJ, was recently extradited from Idaho to Arizona to confront the new charges.

The new charges against Lori Vallow revolve around her descent into violent religious fanaticism, coinciding with an obsession with the impending apocalypse.

The alleged conspiracy to murder her relatives unfolded during her whirlwind marriage to doomsday author Chad Daybell in late 2019. The bodies of her children were discovered in Daybell’s property in June 2020, leading to his upcoming trial for their murder in April 2024.

Brief Court Appearance: Handcuffed and in Prison Jumpsuit

During her recent court appearance, Lori Vallow, donned in an orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffs, briefly acknowledged the charges against her.

Having been extradited to Arizona last week, she is currently held without bond at the Maricopa County Jail. The charges include the death of Charles Vallow in 2019 and the planned murder of Brandon Boudreaux in 2022.

Previous Charges and Grand Jury Indictment: Complex Legal History

Lori Vallow’s legal troubles began with a grand jury indictment in 2021 in connection to the killing of her husband Charles. The indictment followed Charles Vallow’s fatal shooting by her brother Alex Cox, who insisted it was self-defense.

Prosecutors, however, argue that the shooting was premeditated as both Vallow and Cox embraced beliefs of an imminent apocalypse.

Religious Zealotry and Alleged Zombie Possession: Motives Unveiled

Prosecutors claim that Lori Vallow and her brother, both devout Mormons, believed in the imminent end times and were convinced that their relatives had become possessed by zombies.

This alleged religious zealotry served as a motive for the murders, with the family using the apocalypse as an excuse to carry out the heinous acts.

Extending the Plot: Targeting Niece’s Husband Brandon Boudreaux

The alleged conspiracy extended to plans to kill Brandon Boudreaux, the husband of Vallow’s niece, who was shot at from a moving car in October 2019.

This incident occurred shortly after the last known sighting of Tylee and JJ, adding complexity to the timeline of events surrounding the family’s descent into violence and fanaticism.*

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