Lord Geidt, Ex-Ethics Chief, Now Under Scrutiny for Potential Parliamentary Profiteering

Lord Geidt, Ex-Ethics Czar, Now Faces Ethics Inquiry: From Palace Plaudits to Parliamentary Peril

A Decade of Flawless Service, a Controversial Resignation, and Now, Scrutiny

Christopher Geidt, former Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II, garnered widespread praise for his impeccable performance during his tenure.

He earned the Queen’s undying gratitude and a peerage in 2018. However, life beyond the palace walls has proven more turbulent for Lord Geidt, 62.

From Ethics Advisor to Ethical Quandary

Last year, after just 14 months as Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests (the PM’s ethics advisor), Lord Geidt resigned, citing an “impossible and odious position” forced upon him by Downing Street.

Now, he finds himself under the spotlight, named as the “subject of an inquiry” by the House of Lords’ Commissioners for Standards.

Allegations of Profiteering from Parliamentary Advice

The inquiry, shrouded in secrecy, concerns “alleged provision of parliamentary advice or services” that could potentially violate the House of Lords Code of Conduct.

Specifically, it focuses on paragraph 11(b), which prohibits members from profiting by accepting payment or incentives for such services.

Hurista Advisory Ltd.: A New Venture, New Scrutiny

Observers speculate that the inquiry might be linked to Hurista Advisory Ltd, a “strategic advice firm” established by Lord Geidt just a month ago.

This venture raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and contraventions of the Code of Conduct.

A Stickler for Propriety, Now Facing Accusations

Lord Geidt, known for his “profound decency, kindness, and extreme straightness,” could not be reached for comment.

However, his friends suggest his worst crime might be one of naivety.

They argue that his new venture, by its very nature, leaves him open to accusations of violating the Code.

A Rare Beast in Westminster: A Gentleman Under Scrutiny

Lord Geidt’s journey from palace stalwart to ethics czar to parliamentary inquiry subject underscores the complexities of navigating ethical boundaries in the corridors of power.

His case serves as a stark reminder that even the most well-intentioned individuals can find themselves embroiled in controversy.

As the inquiry unfolds, one question remains: will Lord Geidt’s reputation for integrity weather this latest storm?

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