Gloria Hunniford’s Unconventional Wardrobe Choice Shocks Loose Women Co-Stars

Gloria Hunniford’s Unconventional Wardrobe Choice Shocks Loose Women Co-Stars

The Unconventional Fashion Choice

In a surprising revelation, Gloria Hunniford, the beloved host of “Rip-off Britain,” has left her co-stars at Loose Women in shock with her unconventional fashion choice.

At the age of 83, Gloria isn’t one to conform to traditional fashion norms, as she proudly embraces the practice of going commando, even on live television.

Gloria’s Knickerless Lifestyle

Gloria’s co-star, Denise Welch, couldn’t help but spill the beans during a recent episode of Loose Women while on the show’s UK tour.

In front of a live audience, Denise candidly disclosed that among the 24 members of the Loose Women team, Gloria Hunniford is the one who never wears underwear, regardless of the occasion.

Shaking Up the Loose Women Dynamic

Loose Women is known for its cheeky humor and open conversations, often delving into topics related to intimacy and relationships.

Gloria’s decision to appear on live TV without knickers has added an unexpected twist to the show’s dynamic, surprising both her co-stars and viewers alike.

Denise’s Remarks and Their Implications

Denise Welch went on to emphasize the uniqueness of Gloria’s choice by stating, “It puts a different connotation on Rip-off Britain!”

This revelation has certainly left fans of Gloria Hunniford astonished, as she’s typically known for her clean-cut image as a broadcaster.

Mixed Reactions from Co-Stars

While Gloria’s no-knickers approach might be bold, her co-stars have their own preferences when it comes to underwear.

Denise Welch humorously shared that she prefers to stick with her “Tesco pant” while on set, highlighting the diversity of wardrobe choices among the Loose Women team.

Janet Street-Porter’s Behind-the-Scenes Revelations

Beyond Gloria’s fashion statement, another Loose Women personality, Janet Street-Porter, offered insights into her off-set behavior.

She candidly admitted to being a “bit of a diva,” often making specific demands and opting to attend meetings remotely, a practice she adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Janet’s Diva Moments and Camera Preferences

Janet’s diva tendencies extend to her dressing room requirements, including preferences for Redbush tea bags and heated rollers.

She also revealed her reluctance to participate in in-person meetings and her penchant for arriving last. Additionally, Janet mentioned her aversion to sitting at the end of the panel due to camera angle concerns.

Conclusion: A Peek Behind the Scenes

As Loose Women continues to entertain and engage its audience, the show’s behind-the-scenes revelations, from Gloria Hunniford’s unique fashion choices to Janet Street-Porter’s diva moments, add an extra layer of intrigue to this beloved daytime program.

Viewers can expect more surprises and candid moments as the Loose Women cast keeps the conversation flowing.

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