Observe this week! How to view the sole Blue Super Moon of 2023 and when to do it

Observe this week! How to view the sole Blue Super Moon of 2023 and when to do it

Look up this week! The upcoming Blue Super Moon of 2023 is nearing, and it is set to be the most significant and most luminous moon of the entire year.

The sole Blue Super Moon of 2023 is nearly upon us, embodying the rare and infrequent nature that the phrase “Once in a blue moon” has long captured. This expression signifies events that occur very rarely or scarcely. Although it usually refers to an additional full moon, it has also been employed to depict the moon’s bluish hue, which it occasionally takes on due to various factors.

The Blue Moon is poised to ascend on the evening of August 30th.

What exactly is the Blue Super Moon? According to NASA science, a Blue Moon denotes a circumstance in which two full moons manifest within a single calendar month. Given that the moon’s cycle spans 29.5 days, shorter than an average month, eventually, this difference results in a full moon at the outset of a month with enough days left for another lunar cycle. Consequently, a second full moon emerges within the same month. Essentially, if a full moon occurs on the 1st or 2nd day of a month, there is a likelihood of a second full moon on the 30th or 31st. This phenomenon transpires every two to three years.

“People occasionally differentiate between two types of blue moons: monthly and seasonal. The upcoming moon belongs to the category of a monthly blue moon. Seasonal blue moons take place when a particular season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) encompasses four full moons instead of the usual three,” explains NASA science.

Will the moon appear blue? No, this term merely designates two full moons within a month. Has the moon ever actually turned blue? In rare instances, minuscule airborne particles, often consisting of smoke or dust, can scatter the red wavelengths of light, resulting in the moon appearing blue on occasion.

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