London Cocktail Blunder: Woman’s £1890 Surprise at Upscale Hotel Bar

Lynsey Bennett, a tourist from Belfast, found herself in an embarrassing situation after mistakenly ordering a cocktail she believed cost £18.90, only to discover it was a whopping £1890.

The incident unfolded during her stay at a luxurious five-star hotel in London.

Unexpected Bill and Husband’s Reaction:

Lynsey shared her story on TikTok, revealing that her husband left her alone at the bar upon receiving the shocking bill.

She claimed the bartender almost faced consequences due to the mistake.

However, the authenticity of her tale was questioned by some, especially after the bar seemingly waived the bill.

The Cocktail Mix-Up:

Lynsey explained that, in a slightly inebriated state after a night at the theater, she and her husband visited the hotel bar.

Thinking the cocktail named “1890” was priced at £18.90, she ordered it.

The drink turned out to include Cristal, gold leaf, and 30-year-old Cognac, leading to a hefty bill of £2,000.

Manager’s Response and Hotel Stay:

Panicking over the unexpected expense, Lynsey apologized to the bartender and called the manager.

The manager, discreet and understanding, assured her they would address the situation.

Throughout their five-night stay, Lynsey avoided the bar, fearing a demand to pay for the costly cocktail.

Surprising Resolution:

On New Year’s night, Lynsey and her sister decided to return to the bar.

To her surprise, the manager warmly greeted her and revealed that the bartender had not been sacked but received additional training.

The manager shared that such incidents had occurred before, emphasizing the importance of customers being aware of the cocktail’s actual cost.

Reflecting on the Experience:

Lynsey concluded her story, expressing her forever commitment to checking cocktail prices.

While some viewers doubted the authenticity of her account, others questioned the choice of a whiskey-based cocktail for someone who doesn’t like whiskey.

Lynsey’s cocktail mishap highlights the importance of clarity in menu pricing.

The unexpected resolution with the manager adds a twist to the tale, leaving room for skepticism among viewers.

Nevertheless, the incident serves as a cautionary tale for others to double-check prices before ordering.*