London Artist Taiba Taiba Transforms Hair into Art, Gains Cult Following and Collaborates with Rihanna

London Artist Taiba Taiba Transforms Hair into Art, Gains Cult Following and Collaborates with Rihanna

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. Taiba Taiba, a London scenester of Nigerian heritage, has gained a cult following for her unique approach to hair.


Initially known for her braiding business, she transitioned into crafting bespoke objects with hair during the lockdown.

This transformation propelled her into the realms of artistry and activism.

In 2021, she held an exhibition called ‘We Need Some More Black In Hair,’ which marked a turning point in her career.

From Fan to Collaborator:

Taiba’s exhibition caught the attention of Rihanna, who messaged her on the opening night.

Initially overwhelmed, Taiba composed herself and responded calmly, leading to a collaboration with the singer.

Rihanna commissioned a Louis Vuitton-style bag in Taiba’s signature braid style.


This encounter with a global icon boosted Taiba’s reputation and propelled her star to new heights.

Expansion into Fashion:

Building on her success, Taiba expanded her creative endeavors into the fashion world.

Earlier this year, she launched a clothing collection called ‘Bundles of Paradise.’

Departing from her braiding roots, Taiba crafted whimsical pieces that resembled wigs, featuring billowing fabrics, vests, gowns, mini skirts, stilettos, and wide-brimmed hats.

Inspired by birds of paradise, each piece exuded vibrant colors and eccentricity.

Expression and Identity:

Taiba’s ‘Bundles of Paradise’ collection carries a deeper message.

Through her work, she aims to showcase how black people express themselves using hair extensions, colors, and patterns.

This collection represents a celebration of black culture and the integral role hair plays in the black community’s identity.


Selective Collaborations:

While many emerging creatives eagerly accept opportunities for exposure, Taiba adopts a more discerning approach.

She declines requests from publications unless they align with her narrative and showcase her designs on people who embody her vision.

She wants to ensure that her work is understood and appreciated for its cultural significance, rather than being perceived as a passing trend.

Commissioning Tems:

For her first commission, Taiba’s team reached out to Tems, a Nigerian mega-star singer who resonated with Taiba’s work.

Tems donned a slinky, hairy black and red gown created by Taiba at the Met Gala after party.

Taiba expressed pride in seeing her design worn by Tems, emphasizing the importance of black people supporting one another and continuing to strive for recognition.

Future Plans and Commitment:

Taiba’s journey doesn’t end with these achievements.

With upcoming commissions and a planned exhibition, she remains dedicated to spreading her message.


By showcasing the practicality and artistic value of black hair through her art, Taiba aims to challenge the notion that it is difficult or unconventional.


Taiba Taiba has transformed from a braiding business owner to a renowned artist and activist.

Her unique approach to hair as an artistic medium has garnered attention and admiration.

Through her exhibitions, collaborations, and fashion collection, she celebrates black culture and challenges societal perceptions of black hair.

Taiba’s commitment to her message and her plans for future endeavors ensure that her impact will continue to grow.


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