Liya Opens Up About Departure from DMW in Podcast Interview

Liya Opens Up About Departure from DMW in Podcast Interview

In a recent podcast interview, Liya, known as the former “first lady” of DMW (Davido Music Worldwide), has explained the reasons behind her departure from the record label.

Despite having released notable tracks during her time with DMW, such as “Lakiriboto” and “Melo,” she expressed feeling that her career wasn’t receiving the attention and support it deserved within the label.

This perception ultimately led her to make the challenging decision of parting ways with DMW.

Liya’s departure was primarily driven by her belief that her career was not getting the necessary focus and support from DMW.

She expressed the desire to start fresh and forge her own musical path in a different direction.

It’s a decision that many artists face when they believe their creative journey is not aligning with the direction of their current label.

Despite leaving DMW, Liya made it clear that she still holds admiration for the label’s current roster of artists and their endeavors.

She emphasized her ongoing support for DMW and its new talents, wishing them success in their musical pursuits.

It’s a testament to her professionalism and respect for her former colleagues and the label itself.

As for the online reactions to the interview, it’s evident that some fans and followers have various speculations and opinions about her departure.

Some believe that she may be holding back her true feelings, while others attribute her decision to the lack of promotion for her songs.

It’s a reminder that the music industry can be complex, and artists often face difficult decisions in pursuit of their careers.

This incident sheds light on the challenges that artists may encounter when they feel their creative journey needs a different direction or level of support.

Liya’s story serves as a reflection of the dynamics within the music industry and the importance of artists’ autonomy in their careers.

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