Toddler Not Impressed with Newborn Baby Sister, TikTok Video Goes Viral

Toddler Goes Viral for Hilarious Reaction to Newborn Baby Sister

A humorous video of a little girl’s first encounter with her newborn baby sister has gone viral, with netizens finding her lack of enthusiasm to be extremely entertaining.

TikTok user @chisomdaveed posted the video of the toddler’s “bombastic” eye roll reaction, which showed her expressing her lack of enthusiasm.

She wrote, “My toddler met her little sister for the first time, and she’s not impressed.”

Netizens reacted quickly to the spectacular video published on TikTok, finding it extremely entertaining.

They took to the comments section to share their amusing first-time experiences introducing siblings or meeting new family members.


The video is a reminder that it’s perfectly normal for toddlers to not be immediately excited about new siblings. With time and love, the two sisters will surely develop a close bond.