Lekki Conservation Centre is directed to be closed by the Lagos government owing to concerns about the walkway’s functionality

Lekki Conservation Centre is directed to be closed by the Lagos government owing to concerns about the walkway’s functionality

Lagos Government Shuts Down Lekki Conservation Centre Over Safety Concerns

The Lagos State Government has issued an immediate closure order for the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC).

The decision was prompted by a social media post from a concerned visitor highlighting safety issues with the canopy walkway at the facility.

Swift Response to Safety Concerns

In response to the safety concerns raised, the State Government has not only ordered the closure but also directed immediate and comprehensive repairs in the affected areas.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of the safety of Lagos residents, Lanre Omojola, the Director-General of Lagos State Safety Commission, led a team to inspect the Centre on January 23.

Faulty Canopy Walkway Repaired

During the inspection, it was discovered that the faulty canopy walkway had already undergone repairs.

However, the government’s proactive measures to ensure public safety remained at the forefront.

LCC Management’s Statement

The management of Lekki Conservation-Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) responded to the incident, asserting that the reported issue did not go unnoticed.

The Foundation explained that immediate action was taken to close the canopy walkway to visitors, and repairs were conducted on the same day.

The technicians, who were involved in the construction of the canopy walkway, were well-trained and capable of operating and maintaining the facility.

Commitment to Safety and Maintenance

The Foundation highlighted its commitment to safety, pointing out its accident-free track record since the official opening of the facility in 2015.

Despite wear and tear, the diligent efforts of expert technicians, maintenance staff, and collaboration with stakeholders have contributed to the Centre’s safety reputation.

Closure for Routine Maintenance

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of NCF, Oladapo Soneye, addressed the situation, stating that periodic maintenance is part of the foundation’s safety protocol.

He emphasized that the Centre had been officially closed for routine maintenance since January 16, 2024.

Soneye requested understanding during this temporary closure, assuring the public that the Centre would reopen on February 1, 2024.

In conclusion, the Lekki Conservation Centre remains committed to its mission of nature conservation, species protection, biodiversity restoration, and providing a safe and serene environment for nature enthusiasts.

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