Legendary Drummer Gary Young of Pavement Passes Away at 70: Fond Tributes Flow from Bandmates and Fans


The music world mourns the loss of Gary Young, the original drummer of the renowned American alternative rock band Pavement, who has sadly passed away at the age of 70.

Gary Young, a pivotal member of the band until his departure in 1992, breathed his last on Thursday, as confirmed by Pavement’s frontman Stephen Malkmus.

Malkmus took to social media to share the news of Young’s passing, recalling Young’s drumming prowess, characterized by its raw authenticity with the phrase “one take and hit record.”

Malkmus expressed his sorrow, saying, “Gary Young passed on today.

Gary’s pavement drums were ‘one take and hit record’… Nailed it so well.



Matador Records, the record label that released Pavement’s iconic debut album “Slanted and Enchanted” in 1992, also paid homage to Young through a heartfelt social media tribute.

The label fondly remembered him as an extraordinary human being, drummer, producer, and solo artist.

They extended their sympathies to Young’s family, friends, and fellow bandmates, acknowledging the immense impact he had on the music world.

Young’s tenure as Pavement’s drummer spanned until the release of the 1992 album “Slanted and Enchanted,” after which he gracefully passed the torch to Steve West.


His influence extended beyond drumming, as he also took on the role of producer for two tracks on Pavement’s 1999 EP “Major Leagues.”

Moreover, he rekindled his musical ties with the band during various dates of their 2010 reunion tour, leaving a lasting mark on their journey.

In a joint tribute from the band Pavement, Gary Young was hailed as a “fearless fireball,” embodying an unrestrained passion for music.

The band expressed their collective admiration, stating, “We all loved him and it was life changing to have a staggering weapon to play music with.”

Social media platforms became a canvas for fans to express their sorrow and appreciation for Young’s contributions.


Among the outpouring of tributes, one user eloquently conveyed their condolences, saying, “Profound condolences.

I loved his performance.”

Another admirer added, “Hate to hear this.

Most underrated drum work I have ever heard.”

A different sentiment was shared by yet another user, who remarked, “Really sorry for your loss.


What a wild beauty he was.”

The passing of Gary Young marks the end of an era in the world of alternative rock, leaving behind a legacy of passion, innovation, and the indelible rhythm that defined his artistry.

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