Le Mandela: Introducing Cardiff to the Flavors of African Cuisine

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Discovering the Flavors of Africa: Le Mandela Restaurant


In a world where Chinese and Indian cuisines often dominate the culinary scene, it’s refreshing to find a restaurant that showcases the often-overlooked African food.

Located on Penarth Road in Grangetown, Le Mandela has been delighting its customers with authentic and mouthwatering African cuisine for the past five years.

What started as a family-run venture has now been taken over by three sons, Ulrich, Benoit, and Steve Keuni, with their mother’s continued support.


Their mission? To introduce the people of Wales to the incredible flavors of African cuisine.

A Legacy of Culinary Excellence

Le Mandela owes its roots to the culinary prowess of Marie Djitche, a natural talent in the kitchen.

Known throughout Cardiff for her exceptional cooking skills, Marie was frequently sought after to cater African parties and weddings.

When the opportunity to establish a restaurant presented itself, Marie and her husband Antoine Keuni jumped at the chance.


Having moved to Grangetown from Cameroon when Ulrich was just three years old, the Keuni family has found their home in Cardiff.

The Power of Family

When Ulrich took charge of the business three years ago, he invited his professionally trained chef brother, Benoit, to join the team.

The family dynamics of running a business have their challenges, but they also foster an unbreakable bond and resilience during tough times.

Motivating and supporting each other has become the backbone of their success.


Ulrich reflects on the obstacles faced in recent years, including the pandemic and the rising cost of living, but remains hopeful for a better future.

Sharing African Cuisine with Wales

From its inception, Le Mandela primarily attracted the core African community.

However, Ulrich and his brothers have bigger aspirations.

They aim to break free from the confines of exclusivity and expand their reach to a wider audience.


Ulrich dreams of a day when people will crave African cuisine just as readily as they do Chinese or Indian.

To achieve this, they have developed a menu that combines traditional dishes with a unique twist, thanks to Benoit’s culinary expertise.

Embracing Diversity in Cardiff

As Cardiff continues to diversify, Ulrich emphasizes the importance of learning about different cultures.

He believes that in such a diverse city, it’s crucial for people to venture beyond their culinary comfort zones.


Le Mandela stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of cultures that make up Cardiff, and their goal is to introduce the city’s residents to the joy of African food.

A Taste of Home for Students

Le Mandela holds a special place in the hearts of African students studying in Wales.

Craving the familiar flavors of their homeland, they find solace in the restaurant’s authentic and traditional cuisine.

Witnessing the happiness on their faces as they savor the food brings immense satisfaction to the Keuni family.


African cuisine is a complex art, and Le Mandela provides a taste of home for those unable to replicate these dishes themselves.

Expanding Horizons: The Street Food Revolution

Looking towards the future, Le Mandela aims to tap into the vibrant street food scene.

Ulrich envisions showcasing African cuisine at street food festivals, offering delectable dishes that would captivate the taste buds of food enthusiasts.

The possibilities are endless, and the Keuni brothers are eager to share their culinary heritage with a broader audience.


An Enthralling Culinary Journey

During a recent visit to Le Mandela, I had the pleasure of experiencing the restaurant’s flavorful offerings.

The enticing aromas emanating from the kitchen beckoned me to indulge in their creations.

The dishes did not disappoint.

From the vegetarian delight of L’haricat frit, featuring plantain atop a bed of beans in a rich sauce, to the spicy and irresistible Jollof rice, each dish was a revelation.


The Equsi and Semolina, a beef dish, tantalized my taste buds with its tangy and flavorsome profile.

Conclusion: A Call to Explore New Tastes

Next time you find yourself contemplating a takeaway or a dining experience, I urge you to consider Le Mandela.

This friendly, family-run business invites you to embark on a culinary adventure, immersing yourself in the vibrant flavors and rich culture of Africa.

Broaden your horizons, support local establishments, and savor the delight of African cuisine.


Le Mandela awaits your presence with open arms.


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