Lawrence Maleka Responds to Criticism In Defense of the “New” Biggie

Lawrence Maleka Responds to Criticism In Defense of the “New” Biggie

This week, Lawrence Maleka, the host of Big Brother Mzansi, took to social media to defend the “new” Big Brother after facing criticism from viewers, particularly about his voice.

Maleka, also known for his role in The River, addressed the concerns raised by fans and called for kindness towards the latest addition to the reality show.

Viewer Criticism and Lawrence Maleka’s Response:

One viewer, expressing dissatisfaction with Big Brother’s voice, tweeted to Lawrence Maleka, stating that the voice seemed unworthy of the title “Big Brother” and sounded like that of a child.

In response, Maleka urged viewers to reflect on their initial experiences, emphasizing the importance of kindness and patience when someone is navigating a new role.

He encouraged empathy, reminding them of the challenges faced when starting something new.

Mixed Reactions from Fans:

The introduction of the “new” and “unfamiliar” Biggie, who made his debut on January 21, did not resonate well with some fans.

Calls to bring back the voice of the original Big Brother from Big Brother Africa, Sfiso Makhubu, were echoed on social media.

Some even humorously compared Biggie’s voice to that of Cocomelon, a popular children’s entertainment show known for its nursery rhymes.

Social Media Responses:

Responses on social media were varied. Some fans supported Lawrence Maleka’s call for understanding, acknowledging that everyone has a learning curve and expressing optimism about the new Biggie’s improvement.

Others, however, were critical, questioning why technological enhancements weren’t used to modify the voice.

The discussion extended beyond the voice, with concerns raised about the entertainment value provided by the current batch of housemates during events like pool parties and Saturday night gatherings.


While the criticism of the “new” Biggie’s voice continues to circulate on social media, Lawrence Maleka’s response sheds light on the importance of patience and empathy.

The evolving dynamics within the Big Brother Mzansi community reflect the challenges and expectations associated with change, particularly when it comes to such a pivotal aspect as the voice of Big Brother.