Ecuador President Orders Military Action as Drug Gangs Plunge Nation into Deadly Chaos with Executions and Hostage-Takings

President’s Directive Amidst Unprecedented Chaos

Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa has issued orders for military intervention as the country grapples with escalating chaos caused by drug gangs.

The streets have become battlegrounds for heavily armed criminals, leading to executions and rampant hostage situations.

Gangs’ Deadly Onslaught

At least 10 fatalities have been recorded in a series of brutal assaults by these gangs, triggering a state of civil war within Ecuador.

Hooded gangsters have resorted to barbaric acts, including opening fire in a TV studio, taking hostages, and issuing threats of execution for civilians found outdoors after curfew.

Escalation from Gang Escapes

The chaos erupted following the escape of Jose Adolfo Macias, also known as ‘Fito,’ leader of Ecuador’s largest gang, Choneros.

President Noboa imposed a nationwide state of emergency and nighttime curfew after ‘Fito’s’ escape, triggering a violent response from the gangs.

Horrifying Acts of Violence

The gangs’ onslaught involved storming a television studio, holding terrified staff hostage, and releasing threatening statements declaring war on the nation.

Attacks on police officers, explosions in cities, and the chilling declaration of street executions after 11 pm heightened the fear and chaos.

Presidential Response and International Concern

President Noboa authorized military operations against these criminal groups, describing them as ‘terrorist organizations.’ International responses, including the US offering assistance and Peru fortifying its border with Ecuador, underscore the gravity of the situation.

Escapes, Unrest, and Counteractions

Escapes of gang leaders, including Fabricio Colón Pico from the Los Lobos group, have added fuel to the fire. Multiple explosions, cars set ablaze, kidnappings, and unrest in penitentiaries have amplified the turmoil.

The government’s resolve to restore peace remains resolute amid this drug-related violence.

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