Latam Airlines Faces Backlash as Injured Passengers Lament Poor Treatment

Latam Airlines Faces Backlash as Injured Passengers Lament Poor Treatment

Passengers aboard a Latam Airlines flight from Sydney to Auckland, which experienced a sudden and frightening descent, are expressing anger at the airline’s response.

The incident led to 50 injuries, prompting emergency services at Auckland International Airport.

Chaos in the Skies: Latam Airlines Faces Backlash as Injured Passengers Lament Poor Treatment

The aftermath of the terrifying descent of flight LA800 has left passengers in distress, with some criticizing Latam Airlines for inadequate support and communication.

Emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, and 13 injured passengers were transported to the hospital.

Flight LA800 Horror: Outcry as Latam Airlines Underwhelms Traumatized Passengers

In the wake of the harrowing experience aboard Latam Airlines’ Boeing 787-9, passengers are sharing their trauma and frustration at the lack of assistance from the airline.

Despite the severity of the incident, passengers were reportedly given a mere McDonald’s cheeseburger as compensation.

Inadequate Compensation: Tiny Meal Sparks Passenger Outcry

Passengers, left shaken after the sudden descent of flight LA800, criticize Latam Airlines for offering a single McDonald’s cheeseburger as compensation.

The gesture is deemed insufficient and insensitive, adding to the distress of the traumatized travelers.

Communication Breakdown: Latam Airlines Faces Criticism for Poor Support
Survivors of the frightening incident express frustration over Latam Airlines’ alleged lack of support and poor communication.

Thais Iwamoto, a passenger from Sydney, highlights the airline’s failure to address passengers’ emotional needs, emphasizing the importance of compassionate assistance in such situations.

Night of Trauma: Passengers Share Ordeals During Long Wait for Help

As emergency services treated the wounded and 13 passengers were hospitalized, those left waiting at the airport endured a night of trauma.

Brisbane woman Clara Azevedo, who assisted an injured elderly woman, criticizes Latam Airlines for not taking responsibility and providing adequate assistance.

Survivor Stories: Passengers Share Terrifying Moments During Descent

Survivors of the incident recount their harrowing experiences, with Jacob Thompson describing a ‘strong shake’ and his partner being ‘thrown down the aisle.’

Passengers express confusion and fear during the unanticipated turbulence, emphasizing that it did not feel like a typical turbulence episode.

Delayed Meals: Passengers Decry Lack of Proper Nourishment

Adding to the passengers’ distress, reports reveal that those who were not taken to the hospital were not provided with another meal until Tuesday morning.

The delayed and minimal provision of food further compounds the frustration of those affected.

International Response: Latam Airlines Faces Investigation and Criticism

As authorities investigate the incident, Latam Airlines defends its actions, stating that it is working in coordination with respective authorities.

However, the airline faces criticism for its handling of the situation, with passengers demanding more accountability and support.

Continued Anxiety: Passengers Scheduled for Rescheduled Flight Express Fear

Passengers, including Clara Azevedo and the injured woman she assisted, express anxiety about the rescheduled flight to Santiago, Chile – the final destination of flight LA800.

The trauma of the incident lingers as they hope for better support during the upcoming journey.

Injured Passengers: Four Treated with ‘Significant’ Injuries

As of Tuesday evening, four passengers remain in Middlemore Hospital with ‘significant’ injuries. The international composition of the injured passengers from Brazil, France, Australia, Chile, and New Zealand highlights the widespread impact of the incident.

Investigation Jurisdiction: Chile to Lead Probe Into International Airspace Incident

New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission clarifies that Chile will be responsible for investigating the incident, given that it occurred in international airspace.

The collaboration between authorities and the airline continues as the probe unfolds.