Vows to Enhance Government’s Policy of Incorporation

Aligned with the principle of incorporation set forth by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s administration through the THEMES PLUS agenda, the Lagos State Office for Disability Affairs (LASODA) organized a special occasion on Saturday to honor and integrate children with disabilities, fostering a sense of inclusion.

This event, which gathered children with disabilities from various Homes, Schools, and Special Needs Training Centers, unfolded at the Ndubuisi Kanu Park in Alausa. It was a pivotal part of the 2023 Children’s Day celebration tailored for children with special needs.

Mr. Oluwadamilare Ogundairo, the General Manager of LASODA, addressed the attendees and underscored the significance of this annual gathering. He highlighted how this event resonates with the State Government’s commitment to inclusivity, wherein every child, regardless of their disability, is valued.

Ogundairo conveyed the notion that just as children without special needs commemorate important days and occasions, it is equally vital to provide children with special needs a sense of belonging by creating platforms for social interaction tailored to their unique circumstances.

He stated, “This event stands as evidence of the Lagos State Government’s dedication to the THEMES+ Agenda championed by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, ensuring that no one is left behind, including children.”

Ogundairo further emphasized that Lagos has consistently set itself apart through its inclusive governance approach, ensuring that all individuals, including those who are vulnerable or have disabilities, experience the benefits of the government’s investments not only in infrastructure but also in the social well-being of its citizens, including those with special needs.

As part of the festivities, Ogundairo disclosed that the children would receive gifts from the State Government, some of which they would share with their peers in their respective schools and special needs homes.

During the event, Mrs. Bisola Olufolajimi, the Guest Speaker, addressed the audience on the subject:

“Embracing the Future Generation Through Hygiene”,

emphasized the importance of maintaining a heightened standard of cleanliness among children with special needs, highlighting that fostering proper hygiene habits is a pivotal strategy to safeguard these children from frequent illnesses. She articulated that instilling effective hygiene practices is crucial to their well-being.

In her statement, “Health is wealth and hygiene is life. You are as clean as your life is, or the length of your life will be. We have enlightened people here today on how children with disabilities should be kept safe via cleanliness at home, school, or at the centres. We need to ensure that the areas they are kept are clean and protected from germs and bacteria which can cause infection and invariably death, because, children with disabilities only tend to live longer and healthier in a safe environment.”

She praised LASODA for coordinating the event and stressed that all pertinent stakeholders should collaborate with the State Government’s endeavors to enhance public understanding of the requirements of children with disabilities, particularly in advocating for their health and overall welfare.

A participant at the event who is also a parent to a child with special needs, Mrs. Oluchi Francis, noted that caring for children with special needs demands additional dedication and attention, as they heavily depend on assistance from caregivers or parents for various tasks. She expressed that every child with disabilities requires assistance and should receive comprehensive care, including oral hygiene, proper nutrition, and medical attention. Mrs. Francis highlighted that these necessities come at a significant cost, thus underscoring the importance of financial support and interventions from both the government and the broader community.

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