Land Grabbing and Illegal Mining: Hidden Motives Behind Killings in Plateau State

Land Grabbing and Illegal Mining: Hidden Motives Behind Killings in Plateau State

Dachung Musa Bagos, a former member of the Plateau State House of Representatives representing Jos South/Jos East, has made startling claims regarding the ongoing killings in Plateau State.

According to Bagos, the violence is not fueled by ethnic, religious, or farmer/herder clashes, but rather by land grabbers exploiting these communities for illicit mining and agricultural activities.

Absence of Ethno-Religious Clashes:

Bagos vehemently asserted during an interview with Arise Television that there is no basis for attributing the violence to ethnic, religious, or farmer/herder conflicts in the state.

He emphasized that false narratives have persistently clouded the reality of the situation for years.

Genocide and Land Grabbing:

Describing the situation as “pure genocide” and “land grabbing,” Bagos outlined a disturbing pattern.

He alleged that perpetrators enter communities, commit violent acts, force inhabitants to flee, and subsequently take over the land for unauthorized mining and agricultural purposes.

Bagos supported his claims by pointing to concrete evidence and facts, stating that more than 60 communities have been obliterated on the Plateau since 2001.

Economic Motivations Behind Killings:

The former lawmaker shed light on a critical aspect that links the targeted communities – economic potential.

Bagos asserted that every wiped-out village on the Plateau had distinctive economic value.

He argued that these communities, now under the control of unidentified forces, possessed economic potentials, such as mining resources and fertile land suitable for farming and livestock rearing.

Manipulation of Narratives:

Bagos further highlighted the manipulation of narratives surrounding the killings, indicating that false attributions, including farmer/herder conflicts and religious tensions, have been propagated to divert attention from the underlying motives of land grabbing and illegal mining.

Call for Reassessment:

In urging a reevaluation of the prevailing narratives, Bagos called attention to the need for a comprehensive understanding of the chronology of events leading to the destruction of communities.

He emphasized the strategic economic significance of the affected areas, signaling a call for action to address the root causes of the violence and protect vulnerable communities.

As investigations continue, Bagos’s claims underscore the complex dynamics at play, bringing to light a potential hidden agenda of economic exploitation behind the tragic events in Plateau State.

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