Two supercar bandits jailed for 27 years after kidnapping Lamborghini driver and handcuffing Ferrari owner’s lover in front of his son

Two individuals involved in a series of harrowing crimes, including the kidnapping of a Lamborghini owner and a terrifying encounter with a Ferrari owner’s partner and child, have been sentenced to a combined 27 years in jail.

The incidents, which unfolded in Cheltenham and Nottinghamshire, showcased the audacious and violent nature of these supercar bandits.

Lamborghini Owner’s Nightmare:

In Cheltenham, Mohammed Ali executed a kidnapping at gunpoint, posing as a potential buyer for a £164,000 Lamborghini. Presenting himself as a man of considerable wealth, Ali coerced the victim into transferring £100,000 from his bank account.

When unsuccessful, Ali settled for £7,000, expressing disdain and disbelief at the victim’s apparent lack of wealth.

After handcuffing the Lamborghini owner, Ali drove him 76 miles to Stafford, abandoning him there. The victim, now resigned from his job and facing a broken relationship, vividly recounted the trauma inflicted by the robbery.

Repeat Offense in Nottinghamshire:

Merely two months later, Ali, along with co-defendant Muhamed Juwara, replicated the same modus operandi in Nottinghamshire.

Targeting a couple selling their £170,000 Ferrari, Ali and Juwara arranged a meeting at the seller’s home under the guise of discussing the sale. During the encounter, Ali brandished a gun, ordered Juwara to restrain the seller, and engaged in a scuffle.

The victim’s partner, threatened with an imitation gun, managed to fight back, while their young son escaped. The duo’s criminal history was unveiled, linking them to the Gloucestershire robbery two months prior.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing:

Ali, 39, pleaded guilty to robbery, attempted robbery, and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence. Juwara, 18, pleaded guilty to robbery.

Victim impact statements painted a bleak picture of the lasting effects on the victims, with shattered trust, heightened anxiety, and profound life changes.

Ali received an 18-year sentence, while Juwara was sentenced to nine years in a young offender’s institution. Judge William Harbage KC emphasized the terrifying ordeal inflicted upon the victims, recognizing the severity of the offenses.

Defendants’ Perspectives:

In Ali’s defense, his lawyer highlighted financial desperation as a motivator for his client’s criminal actions, acknowledging a lapse in moral judgment.

Juwara’s lawyer emphasized his client’s background as a hardworking young man, attributing his actions to jeopardizing a promising future.


The sentencing marked the conclusion of a saga that terrorized homeowners and left lasting scars on the victims.

The court’s decision reflected the gravity of the offenses committed by these supercar bandits, aiming to provide justice and protect the public from further acts of violence.

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