Lagos, EnterpriseNGR woo investors in London

Lagos, EnterpriseNGR woo investors in London

L-R: Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede CON, Chairman EnterpriseNGR; Micheal Mainelli, Lord Mayor of London; and Obi Ibekwe, Chief Executive Officer, EnterpriseNGR during a bilateral “InvestLagos” meeting in London, United Kingdom

By Oluwafunke Ishola

A policy and advocacy group, EnterpriseNGR, says Lagos State participation at the Lord Mayor’s Show will set the stage for future collaborations and investments that will drive sustainable economic development in Lagos and Nigeria.

Mr Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, Chairman of EnterpriseNGR, said this on Wednesday at the “InvestLagos” Reception, held after the Lord Mayor’s Show in Lagos.

Aig-Imoukhuede noted that the successful participation at the show marks a historic chapter in Lagos’ journey towards becoming a global financial hub.

He disclosed that Lagos and EnterpriseNGR made history on Nov.

11, as the first African participants in the prestigious Lord Mayor’s Show, with a spectacular procession that celebrated the rich cultural heritage and economic prowess of Lagos State and Nigeria.

According to him, the success of this historic participation set the stage for a series of engagements culminating in the “InvestLagos” reception.

“In partnership with EnterpriseNGR, the state recently inaugurated the Lagos International Financial Centre (LIFC) Council to bolster Lagos’ standing as a global financial centre.

“The LIFC Council,  thereafter,  took its “InvestLagos” strategy, and “Open for Business” message to the Lord Mayor’s Show, inviting the world to witness the vast opportunities Lagos State has to offer foreign investors.

“The pioneering journey, undertaken with a mission to position Lagos as Africa’s premier financial centre, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the global stage.

“The float design showcased the progress and dynamism of Lagos State, a thriving financial centre with over 25 million residents.

“Featuring familiar icons integral to Lagosians’ daily lives, the design incorporated symbols of innovation and growth, including the recently launched Lagos Blue Line train.

“Naira design patterns, elements of the Nigerian coat of arms, iconic Danfo and Keke Marwa vehicles, and the Eyo Masquerade collectively depict the city’s cultural richness and significant economic prowess,” he said.

Aig-Imoukhuede noted that the float was more than a celebration of Lagos’ resilience but a proclamation of its remarkable journey and achievements on the global stage.

He stressed that the float also told the story of the fruitful and important partnership between EnterpriseNGR and Lagos State, emphasising the valuable outcomes that come from collaborations between public and private sector.

Also, Gov.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos, said the participation was strategic and a manifestation of the state’s commitment to a bold vision, positioning Lagos as Africa’s beacon of financial innovation.

“The newly inaugurated LIFC Council played a pivotal role in showcasing the investment potential of Lagos on a global platform.

“As our procession made its way through the streets of London, we let it be known that Lagos State was not just participating in a historic parade; we were striding into the global spotlight, inviting the world to witness our dynamism.

Also, echoing the message that our great state is open for business, with a myriad of investment opportunities available to all,” Sanwo-Olu said.

Similarly, Ms Obi Ibekwe, CEO of EnterpriseNGR, said, “When we embarked on this historic project to showcase Lagos on the global stage, we recognise the profound significance of attracting the investments required to drive sustainable development and growth for the state.

“I am honoured to be at the forefront of the great strides being taken to foster the symbiotic relationship between investors, the state, and the wider communities required to deliver that growth.

Edited by Olawunmi Ashafa